Photo: Five non-toxic, eco-friendlier baby products

A food-grade silicone bib will be the only one you need for meal times. (Credit: Leah Villalobos)

I'm back! And now I'm a work mom, like many of you.

For 411 days, my life revolved around naps, milk delivery and diaper changes—and finding my top five "green" baby items for surviving and thriving the first year:

Bonding doll

Whether you're co-sleeping or sleep training, a lovey or stuffie can soothe your babe. Made from cotton, stuffed with sheep's wool and coloured with AZO-free fabric dye, our PEPPA® bunny helps my son sleep through the night and nap happily. It's safe to chew on and no parts will come off.

Did you know that sheep's wool absorbs scents?

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At 12-days, my son peed on his eco-potty. At seven months, it was his mode of transportation.

The BecoPotty is made from waste plant material. It won't be biodegrading in my garden any time soon, because my one-year-old is on a potty strike!


Solid foods make stains. You need a great bib. But you only need one made from food-grade silicone.

Easy to clean, soft, and flexible this recyclable option is also free of BPA, lead, phthalates and latex. And the bucket style catches everything, which means less food waste.

Teething beads

Everything goes in the mouth for the first year. And teething can start as early as four months. My son's Chewbeads are lost (as well as many other things) but while I had them, they were the best toy-and-teether combo. They look so stylish—every woman you meet will want them.

Easily washed, they're also free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, or heavy metals. Source on Etsy, too.

Cloth diapers

I won't lie. I have a love-hate relationship with these reusable, plastic-free, poop-and-pee catchers. My son is long and lean so most brands and styles leaked for the first few months—meaning a full wardrobe change every few hours.

Stock up on a variety of styles, brands, shapes and sizes. They can be expensive up-front, so look for used, hand-me-downs or sales.

You'll learn to love big butts and avoid increasing your landfill legacy.

What are your favourite "green" baby items (new, used, or homemade)?

Comment on this blog to win two ShooFoo bamboo-and-cotton blend nighttime diapers (draw date December 15th).

Lindsay Coulter, fellow Queen of Green

November 18, 2013

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Dec 09, 2014
6:35 PM

Adjustable Silicone Baby Bib — this BPA free rubber bib is very stylish and environmentally friendly and can safely be washed in the dishwasher. It protects baby’s clothes and is very easy to clean. You can buy this kind of Silicone Baby Bib in this site

Jan 05, 2014
10:51 PM

Thanks for nice tips, I have already bought baby diapers from healthgenie for my 3 months baby boy. it will very helpful during winter season and traveling.

Dec 11, 2013
7:50 AM

Great tips!! I was tickled to find out that I have already been gifted the Peppa bunny — wouldn’t have fully appreciated it unless I had read this article and followed the link. Thank you! (and I would LOVE to try out the shoofoo diapers — they look awesome!)

Dec 11, 2013
1:53 AM

I can definitely relate to the love\hate relationship with cloth diapers, though I would say 99.9% of the time I would say LOVE! They help ease my mind when I consider the amount of waste we as a society generate, come in super cute prints, healthy for baby and our planet, and we’ve NEVER had a blowout! Yes, we’ve had occasional leaks (usually due to an improper fit or for testing a time limit..) and there have been days when even the diaper sprayer doesn’t seem to do the trick… But my little guy has never had diaper rash, we haven’t had stinky diaper syndrome thanks to finding the perfect eco friendly detergent, and it’s saved us a ton of cash in the long run!

Dec 10, 2013
8:09 PM

Thanks for the tips! Very useful info for this first time mom.

Dec 03, 2013
1:18 PM

I’d definitely like to get some Chewbeads!

Dec 01, 2013
12:32 PM

My little one LOVES the Peppa tino bunny and can’t sleep without it. Really like the idea that it’s made in fair trade! We also bought one of the teething bling necklaces from this company. These are similar to the chewbeads you list, but a lot less expensive.

Nov 29, 2013
10:56 AM

The bonding doll shouldn’t be a concern with SIDS because it’s light weight and baby can move them. Only the head and feet are stuffed. Read more on their website

Nov 27, 2013
6:56 AM

We love using wash clothes to go along with the cloth diapers. No need to worry about “finding” wipes after you’ve washed the diapers!

Nov 27, 2013
6:00 AM

Good tips, thanks! We made a bunch of baby stuff out of old bed sheets — burp clothes, receiving blankets, even nipple covers for me! I’m no great sewer but these were easy projects. Also, our bassinet mattress is the perfect size for king size pillow covers so we saved a ton of money by buying a few old cases from thrift stores instead of designer sheets.

Nov 27, 2013
5:04 AM

I am about to become a Mom and have been trying to get informed about how to make sustainable, healthy choices for our wee one. One thing that really shocked me was the ingredients in ‘baby wipes.’ Check it out! There are known carcinogens in these wipes! They also end up in landfills. The alternative: unbleached cotton washcloths that are soaked in a light solution of water and an eco-friendly, perfume and dye free soap, wrung out, rolled up and put in a warmer — ready for use at each changing! I give credit to my sister Deanna, for this idea, who has been raising two kids with a lot of green love!

Nov 26, 2013
8:47 PM

Like the bonding doll idea … is SIDS a concern with these?

Nov 26, 2013
8:36 PM

The Peppa Bunny is on my wishlist for Christmas. I’m just thankful my son has already discovered the chewbeads. Perfect for soothing his teething gums and they’re a great distraction when he’s wriggly and I’m trying to change his diaper:-)

Nov 26, 2013
7:40 PM

Hi! I love these suggestions!!! My daughter is 6 months old and I am trying my best to be as environmentally as I can with her. I am going try those cloth diapers you suggested.. Thanks!!

Nov 26, 2013
6:55 PM

Thanks for the great ideas, that BecoPotty is crazy! I checked out the website and there are so many amazing products that I will be checking out for sure. Very helpful article as Im trying to go as green as possible and this will be my first baby. I will be using cloth and would love to win these diapers! Thanks for the chance!

Nov 26, 2013
6:20 PM

Love the tips. We love that we made the switch to cloth diapers. We have also started our 6mo LO on baby led weening. So far so good.

Nov 26, 2013
5:47 PM

Everything used! Save lots of money and usually items come with great “been there” advice.

Nov 26, 2013
5:25 PM

Both my son and daughter are cloth diapered. We also use baby wash cloths instead of disposable baby wipes.

Nov 26, 2013
5:12 PM

Great list. My favourite green baby item are Greenline cloth diapers. The inserts are bamboo and they are super soft

Nov 26, 2013
4:33 PM

My favorite “green” baby items are cloth diapers, and cloth wipes with a homemade diaper wipe spray. You can use the wipes for so many things! Not just diaper changes! Plus, they make excellent cleaning rags when you are done the diaper stage.

Nov 26, 2013
4:10 PM

I would say you don’t NEED any of those items. To be truely green would be to just consume less. And really- baby will get by just fine with the basic necessities of life and Mom.

Nov 26, 2013
3:40 PM

Cloth diapers!

Nov 26, 2013
3:37 PM

I had a similar problem with my lean preemie and cloth diapers. Unfortunately the problem of too-skinny-for-my-britches didn’t improve as he grew. Here’s hoping that baby #2, who is full term and still counting, won’t have the same problem.

Nov 26, 2013
3:22 PM

Organic Coconut oil as a body moisturizer and diaper cream. Cheap and effective, added bonus it naturally prevents thrush! Baby smells like dessert and is comfortable and I don’t worry about what I am putting on their skin.

Nov 26, 2013
3:15 PM

Hi and welcome back! Where did you get the Becopotty? It looks like a UK product.

Nov 21, 2013
7:01 AM

Thanks for the good suggestions! I am expecting baby in 7 weeks and always looking for how to handle things in as eco-friendly a way as possible. I am planning on doing cloth diapers but haven’t heard of the ShooFoo brand, so that would be great to try :)

Nov 20, 2013
6:30 PM

My little one likes Lifefactory 100% silicone teething rings. It’s safe to chew on and with different surface textures it makes munching a bit more exciting and engaging. We also really like their glass bottles, too. Once your babe is finished with the bottle (or refused of drink from it like mine did) you simply need to change the top and voila! a glass sippy cup. Much nicer than having to purchase a whole new product!

Nov 20, 2013
5:56 PM

Hello! I was wondering about silicone, is it always safe? So many baby products are now made with silicone and are advertised as being chemical free, but what about the dyes to color them? And can some silicone be of lesser quality? Thankyou!

Nov 20, 2013
2:37 PM

My favorite green baby item is cloth diapers!

Nov 20, 2013
2:15 PM

I loved using gDiapers for the multiple options (compostable/tossable/flushable insert or cloth insert)…. great for going out cause you can dispose of the used inserts wherever you are!

Nov 19, 2013
11:07 AM

Love the new ENJO Canada’s Kid’s Spa Cloth! Reusable, gentle on skin, round shape to avoid corners poking eyes, and ALL you need to wash babies (or adults for that matter) using only water. No soap or body wash needed so no worry about questionable ingredients passing through skin into the bloodstream. Helpful to avoid cradle cap, too.

Nov 18, 2013
5:14 PM

Bucket-bib: baby and eco-friendly for design-inspired parents.

Silky to the touch, comfy against baby’s sensitive skin, and super easy to clean. Busy parents can roll up the flexible, soft Bib for dining on-the-go. Save clothes from spills and stains with the deep, soil-resistant catch-all pockets. Bib comes in vibrant colors and designs by independent designers.

Our Bucket-bib like all other Modern-twist products, are hand silk-screened on FDA approved food-grade silicone. Free of BPA, lead,latex, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. Safe for baby and the planet.

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