Photo: How to start a salad club

Each week members take turns bringing greens and homemade or store-bought dressing. (Credit: Brooke MacDonald)

Spring has officially sprung at the David Suzuki Foundation office when we switch from soup club to salad club!

It's easy to set-up. Try it at your workplace — with friends or neighbours, too!

Benefits of salad club membership:

  1. Cheap, delicious, nutritious lunches
  2. Lunch away from your desk — ideally outside, with people you like
  3. Less waste — fewer plastic containers from take-out and buying lunch

These are but a few of the benefits! You'll probably find many more...

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How salad club works:

Each week, people take turns bringing greens and homemade or store-bought dressing.

Post a sign-up sheet in the kitchen with the dates (e.g., at DSF, it's every Wednesday at noon) and a row to add names. Each club member signs up once. If there are 10 members, each gets nine low-effort, nutritious and delicious lunches!

On salad club day, everyone else brings one item to share.

Suggestions: pickled vegetables, cheeses, quinoa, nuts (check for allergies) and seeds, chick peas, fresh herbs, dried or fresh fruit, etc.

This is a great recipe for a community salad bar — and a great way to use up stuff in your fridge or pantry! Add your own twist depending on your work culture and member creativity.

In May, the David Suzuki Foundation will take our salad club outside — to get in our 30 minutes in nature for 30 days (join us)! In June, we may add an optional sustainable seafood ingredient to celebrate World Ocean's Day (June 8th)!

Will you start a salad club?

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

May 5, 2014

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