Photo: Ten things I've learned as a mom blogger

I've been nominated as a 2014 Mom Blogger over at!

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I am fabulous mom blogger! (Is that Bridget Jones enough for you?)

Well, I could be. First, I need your vote (by Friday, June 6)!

I've been nominated (thanks mom and hubby) as 2014 Mom Blogger over at —- along with 29 other fabulous Vancouver moms who write and tell stories for work, fun and pleasure.

Ten things I've learned as a mom blogger

  1. You will dream in blogs
  2. You can post too many images of your child
  3. You will be wrong (that's what editing is for)
  4. Google your funny, sarcastic titles BEFORE you publish
  5. Readers love prizes
  6. Jokes can be funny; humour is even better
  7. Readers love to be asked their opinion
  8. A blog can never be too short
  9. During baby nap-time and after baby bedtime are the best times to publish
  10. Stay present. (Chances are nobody but you will notice that you didn't publish on Monday by 4 p.m. because you chose instead to cuddle your sick child, take your baby to the beach or enjoy a family dinner!)

What do you most like about this blog or blogging?

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

June 4, 2014

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Jun 08, 2014
2:41 PM

Good tips! Think I might need to go back and google some of my blog titles….

Jun 05, 2014
7:40 PM

Never thought of # 4 but makes sense!I love blogging , its a journal of my journey as a first time mom. Maybe one day I will make it into a book, bind it and gift it to my daughter…

Jun 05, 2014
4:10 AM

I agree about nap time but sometimes I can do some writing on my IPad while following my toddler around. Not sure about dreaming in blog posts but I certainly think about posts alot!

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