Photo: How to regift

This year I will regift and spend time making preserved lemons for family and friends. (Credit: Joshua Becker)

I regift. And I don't feel bad about it — and neither should you.

It takes a lot of thought and consideration to regift, even more than buying new.

Why I regift

  • We already own one. (And it's impossible or a hassle to return or exchange.)
  • I know someone who would appreciate it more than me.
  • I want to own less instead of organizing more.

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Regifting etiquette 101

  1. Regift unto others as you would have them regift unto you.
  2. Personalize it. Giving a journal? Write a favourite quote inside the cover, or a recipe.
  3. Be open about it. This is optional. (My friends know that I regift. And I always tell them they can regift what I give them.)
  4. Broken or opened items don't count. Donate or recycle those items instead.
  5. Keep a drawer, box or cupboard to organize your stash. It will be easier to find a perfect match the next time you want to show gratitude.
  6. Make it a thing. Host a holiday or birthday regift party for fun!

Still think regifting is weird? Don't buy gifts. I'd argue that your time is what your friends, family and kids really want! I try to live by these wise words from Becoming Minimalist @Joshua_Becker:

"The best things in life aren't things."

"Anything that just costs money is cheap."

It takes courage to consume less, but I believe in you.

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

December 16, 2014

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