Photo: How to be a good neighbour

A neighbour can be so much more than the dictionary definition: “person living next door.” (Credit: Leah Villalobos Bartok)

My neighbours are better than your neighbours! It's a cheeky proposition, I know... But my neighbours are pretty amazing.

Here's why:

  • They babysit — even last minute and without pay
  • They help us with truck errands (they have a truck and we don't)
  • They close our garage door when we forget
  • They walk our dog when we're going to be home late
  • They look out for burglars and suspicious activities
  • They invite us over for supper
  • They loan tools
  • They let us (my son and I) play on their porch
  • They let me in when I lock myself out!

Now nobody would do any of these things for us if we weren't pretty fabulous neighbours, too.

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Here's what we do:

  • We babysit when needed
  • We checked that their stove was off when they were out and couldn't remember if they did it
  • We host family dinners and play dates
  • We put out their green and garbage bins when they are out of town
  • We trade toys
  • We organize our annual block party

A neighbour can be so much more than the dictionary definition: "person living next door."

What kind of neighbour are you? And more importantly, why do you think it matters?

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

April 8, 2015

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May 28, 2015
8:07 AM

Our neighbors speak Mandarin, and it’s a language that intimidates the heck outta me! After 14 years and nearly no conversations, I think we’re leaving our neighborhood. I long for community connection, and it has not happened even with my reaching out. I’m very sad about it.

May 27, 2015
12:08 PM

we are the first contact for Lifeline for our elderly neighbour. She pushes an emergancy button and we get called to check on her and call ambulance if needed. She has no family but wants to live in her own home instead of a senior residence. Hopefully by checking on her and visiting, she can keep her independence. She also likes when our toddler visits.

May 27, 2015
10:17 AM

I have the best neighbors. They send over their Arabic food via their children or themselves. Invite us to family events, if we can’t make it, they send more food over. In return I let their children play in mybbackyard, even though they are too shy to do so. I cut their grass, and enjoy to do so. I feel I could do more. I also babysit for the neighbors across the street for nothing, they have 9 month old twin girls and a little boy almost 3. I am 60years old and plan to keep going till I can’t any longer. Happy green days.

May 27, 2015
9:54 AM

I’m a neighbour who shares plants! I have very little grass but lots of plants, and when I trim them back or remove some, I share them with neighbours who are looking for plants. I have shared hostas, rose bushes, irises, and more. And I help my neighbours tend their garden. I also want to acknowledge my next door neighbours! The one to the left who mows my few square feet of lawn so that I don’t have to buy a lawnmower! The one to the right who shoveled my walkway all winter (we received over 5m of snow last winter in Moncton) after I had surgery and could not lift more than 1 kg. These are wonderful people.

Apr 08, 2015
10:05 PM

I think I’m a pretty great neighbor. The ones I have are truly wonderful. They help watch my dog when I have the occasional long work day and my home when I’m away. We have game night’s, back yard fire pit s’more roasts and bbq’s. Security, community and friendship :)

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