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Are you ready to have a transformational experience? Or, to start a "butterfly effect"? (Credit: Jode Roberts)

In my nine years at the David Suzuki Foundation, I've crossed paths with some really cool people. I toured twice across the country with David Suzuki, and met Canadian celebs like Rick Mercer, Jim Cuddy, Sam Roberts (and his band), the Barenaked Ladies, Gord Downie (of the Tragically Hip), Andrew Ferrence (NHLer) and more.

Celebrity encounters are worth a Facebook status update but they're not what inspires me and brings me into work each day with a hopeful attitude.

That special status goes to real people, like you and Becky of Winnipeg, Man. (one of my 120 Queen of Green Coaches)! Below, Becky shares why you might consider becoming a Queen of Green Coach this fall. Apply now for my fall session, which runs September 21 to December 21.

We've all heard of the butterfly effect (e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park), right?

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Last fall, after abandoning my previous agenda in the corporate world and taking an enormous pay cut — the kind where people question your sanity — I accepted a job at an environmental non-profit, Green Action Centre, to pursue values-based work.

Motivated by Gandhi's wisdom to "Be the change that you wish to see in the world," I stepped out of my comfort zone to lead and inspire others to live their lives a little greener as a Queen of Green Coach. I was new to creating a green life for myself and felt I had a lot to learn. Plus the extrovert in me was curious about the idea of bringing five families along for the ride.

With the support of my workplace, I applied. I was accepted in spring, 2015!

Was I nervous? Yep. Did I face feelings of inadequacy in my ability to coach others? Oh yes!

There were moments where I wondered: What if a family asked a question I didn't know the answer to? Or, what if I talked too aggressively, too passively, too fast or too slow to hold their attention?

I took a deep breath and told myself to calm the heck down!

Surely I'd done things more intimidating in my life than making my own laundry soap or start composting food scraps! And so my journey began, head up and heart open.

During the first online video meeting, I knew this process would be a positive in my life; from compassionate leadership to abandoning judgements, Lindsay (the Queen of Green) selflessly takes you on a "green" journey littered (pun intended!) with tips, solutions, personal growth, validation and community resources.

There's a warmth to her facilitation style; with open dialogue she offers a safe place to share, explore and ask questions. I found myself looking forward to sessions like one might look forward to setting time aside for a music or cooking class.

Since completing my first 12 weeks as a Coach and, effectively, as a coachee, I feel grateful, inspired and strong in the support of the like-minded community that surrounds me across Canada. Who knew shared values could have such an impact?

Did I change the world? I like to think so.

It reminds me of what yoga teaches, to "stay on your own mat as it's your true mirror". Progress, not perfection.

It feels good to contribute, to inspire, to be inspired, to explore, to discover and to challenge yourself. Empowerment breeds change. I encourage you to be it, too! Head up, heart open.

Are you ready to have a transformational experience like Becky's? Please take five minutes to apply for my next round of Queen of Green Coaches for fall, 2015.

Sincerely, Lindsay Coulter
A fellow Queen of Green

August 14, 2015

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Sep 19, 2015
8:09 AM

I tried to sign up for the fall session but the link didn’t work.

Sep 01, 2015
6:08 PM

I’m really interested in this but don’t think I’ll have time this fall. Will it be offered again?

Sep 01, 2015
3:45 PM

Lindsay we’re helping those magical Monarch’s in our corner of the world … we’ve had 11 ‘bloom’ so far 5 female 6 male… 28 more to go! I’m liking you on facebook so you can see the video I shot this morning… one day I’ll capture the entire thing =]

Aug 24, 2015
6:19 AM

I am interested in forming a Queen if Green project here in USA. Are there any in US.

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