Learn how to reuse silica gel packs, create a bee bath and make an "eat-me-first" bin.

In 2012, I "greened" The Smiths.

Not only was it successful — they composted, cooked more vegetarian meals, made their own home cleaners, rid their home of the Dirty Dozen, planted trees, etc. — it felt good!

So I designed a distributed leadership initiative to share that good feeling and support more Canadians to embrace small steps (and so I don't have to go house to house). I had a hunch there were many Queens of Green out there from coast to coast to coast!

My hunch was right.

Four years later, 130 Queen of Green Coaches have learned about trust theory, self-compassion, personal ecology, how do deal with apathy AND helped some 700 families find out things like where to get a rain barrel in their cities.

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But those are only numbers, which never tell the whole story.

Please watch this video (co-created with some talented volunteers, including Andrew Williamson @offislandmedia) about what it means to work on something that aligns with your values!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Queen of Green Coach?

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Sincerely, Lindsay Coulter
A fellow Queen of Green

January 18, 2016

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Feb 04, 2016
6:39 PM

I love the Queen of Green concept! Do you know of a similar set-up in the U.S.? Would it be a good idea to start one here? I personally would love to be a part of this movement!

Feb 04, 2016
11:09 AM

Ooops! In my comment of a couple of minutes ago, I misspelled bokashi as kobashi. Can you please correct that? Thank you!

Feb 04, 2016
11:08 AM

Hi Lindsay, I had to give up composting because rats were constantly getting into it, likely even setting up home in it. No matter how many times I patched the black plastic composter with tin, they chewed new holes. While they turned over the compost nicely, when they started expanding into my house, it was too much. (BTW, I never put anything but plant material in it.) Maybe you could give some hints or instructions on how to rat-proof a compost, or how to start a kobashi inside compooster, maybe with DIY plans. Thanks!

Jan 20, 2016
2:59 PM

Hi Lindsay, as a new cottager, I started a “Tip of the Week” email last summer for my cottage community in Quebec about helping our beautiful nature. As I learned about better environmental stewardship, I shared. From reducing light pollution and shoreline erosion to co-existing with our beavers, I touched on some potentially touchy subjects, but the emails were well received! They especially liked my tip for ‘nature’s toilet paper’ (mullein)! :) I am still on the hunt for more evidence-based tips such as recommended cleaners and personal care products (goat milk soap?)

Would love to become a Queen of Green coach for our cottage community!

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