Photo: How to write a love letter to nature

David Suzuki Foundation staff wrote letters to nature.

We're partnering with the Love Lettering Project during our annual May 30×30 Nature Challenge. (Even though nature takes mail all year round...)

Reflect on what you love most about nature.

I told nature I think it makes the best babysitter, picks me up when I get down, smells better than the city and looks great in the dark.

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Express your passion in a love letter:

  • Hide it for someone to find — around the house, at your local library, community centre or school. Write #lovenature or #30×30NatureChallenge on the envelope so others can play along.
  • Enlist your kids or pitch the idea to your daycare or school. Think of all the child art you're currently hoarding and how it might benefit others in your community!
  • Do it at work, covertly. Hide your letter inside the office or outside if you have a courtyard or garden. Or invite colleagues to participate — provide markers and paper, then showcase the letters for everyone to enjoy.
  • Share your love letter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #lovenature and you'll be entered to win a prize package from Genuine Health.

Write your love letter during the month of May while you're doing our 30×30 Nature Challenge! We're selecting a winning letter each week.

What do you love about nature?

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

May 5, 2016

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Jun 04, 2016
1:53 PM

I love you Earth. You are sacred and so precious and unique. You and alll species are one. I am translating a book for you with love. Dear Earth Healing myself healing you. We are one In the msytery of Love.

Jun 04, 2016
1:50 PM

Bonjour la Terre notre Mère sacrée. Je t’aime. Et tu le sais. Je suis ton enfant. Je fais guérir et te guérir en même temps. Car nous sommes une. dans le Mystère d’amour infini

Jun 04, 2016
8:56 AM

This is absolutely Fab! This re directs people of all ages with an ACTION and ACTIVITY that supports the Earth and keeps it going in a natural process…..ideas that give back to nurturing the planet….Its time that we celebrated HER in full performance……I will share this with ALL my friends!

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