Photo: How to make all-purpose scour

You'll need five minutes to make a batch of this nontoxic home cleaner which will last up to six months! (Credit: Lindsay Coulter)

This DIY "green" cleaning recipe is one of my one of my top nine. It works to clean tubs, tiles and sinks. And it's so safe, kids can clean, too. (My three-year-old begs to scrub the tub!)

Did you know that in Canada, manufacturers of home cleaning products are not legally required to disclose all ingredients (and hazards)?

All-purpose scour recipe

Time needed: five minutes
Shelf life: approximately six months

420 ml (1 2/3 cups) baking soda
60 ml (¼ cup) liquid castile soap (scented or unscented)
60 ml (¼ cup) water

Combine all ingredients in a stainless steel bowl. Stir until the mixture is the consistency of whipped cream. Use immediately, or store in a labelled, air-tight container. Rinse well.

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Note: Use reusable produce bags to buy baking soda in bulk. Choose liquid castile soap that does not contain palm oil.

I use peppermint liquid castile soap for all my cleaning recipes. I find the scent uplifting when I'm doing un-fun chores.

Toss a dollop of this scour in the toilet and rub vigorously with a toilet brush. If bathroom mould and mildew is a problem, try these three solutions.

How have you used this recipe? Share your review in the comments below.

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

October 19, 2016

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Nov 27, 2016
4:20 PM

Can you recommend a reputable essential oil company in Canada who’s oils are not adulterated and offers certifies organic? Thank you!

Nov 18, 2016
8:09 PM

Just made the all purpose scour cleaner with the peppermint castile soap and I love it. My daughter was over and went into the washroom and asked what air freshener I was using. I explained what it was and sent her home with her own airtight jar of it. Thank you for the recipe and newsletters.

Nov 14, 2016
9:17 AM

If you just mix the baking soda and castile soap without the water then the dry paste lasts longer. Then just add water when you’re cleaning. A few drops of organic essential oil also adds some disinfecting properties! We have more green cleaning

Nov 14, 2016
5:38 AM

This is not a comment, but a question. Will your scour recipe benefit the bacteria in septic tanks? Those of us who rely on our own septic systems have to consider the impact of everything that we flush down the drain.

Nov 13, 2016
7:15 AM

Can we reuse that baking soda we place in fridges for 30 days to soak up odors?

Nov 12, 2016
2:21 PM

where do you buy castile soap? i’ve seen it in a lot of these types of recipes but i’ve never heard of it before. is it just in the regular soap aisle in the grocery store?

Nov 12, 2016
7:40 AM

I just checked your top nine cleaning recipes, which contain ingredients that l’ve never heard of: washing soda, soap granules, essential oil. It would be nice if you would provide some guidance on where to find these products at reasonable prices.

Nov 12, 2016
4:55 AM

THANK YOU! You have inspired me to make all my own cleaning products with healthy alternatives to the toxic chemicals that stores sell. The best part is that I think they work better, smell better with some essential oil and it is so much cheaper. I am also making my own face wash, face cream and lip balm. Keep the recipes coming.

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