Photo: Conspiracies fuel climate change denial and belief in chemtrails

I'm a scientist, so I look at credible science — and there is none for the existence of chemtrails. They're condensation trails, formed when hot, humid air from jet exhaust mixes with colder low-vapour-pressure air. (Credit: scyrene via Flickr)

By David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington, Communications Manager

I recently wrote about geoengineering as a strategy to deal with climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. That drew comments from people who confuse this scientific process with the unscientific theory of 'chemtrails'. Some also claimed the column supported geoengineering, which it didn't.

The reaction got me wondering why some people believe in phenomena rejected by science, like chemtrails, but deny real problems demonstrated by massive amounts of scientific evidence, like climate change.

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Chemtrails believers claim governments around the world are in cahoots with secret organizations to seed the atmosphere with chemicals and materials — aluminum salts, barium crystals, biological agents, polymer fibres, etc. — for a range of nefarious purposes. These include controlling weather for military purposes, poisoning people for population or mind control and supporting secret weapons programs based on the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP.

Scientists have tested and used cloud and atmospheric seeding for weather modification and considered them as ways to slow global warming. With so many unknowns and possible unintended consequences, these practices have the potential to cause harm. But the chemtrails conspiracy theory is much broader, positing that military and commercial airlines are involved in constant massive daily spraying that is harming the physical and mental health of citizens worldwide.

I don't have space to get into the absurdities of belief in a plot that would require worldwide collusion between governments, scientists and airline company executives and pilots to amass and spray unimaginable amounts of chemicals from altitudes of 10,000 metres or more. I'm a scientist, so I look at credible science — and there is none for the existence of chemtrails. They're condensation trails, formed when hot, humid air from jet exhaust mixes with colder low-vapour-pressure air. This, of course, comes with its own environmental problems.

But what interests me is the connection between climate change denial and belief in chemtrails. Why do so many people accept a theory for which there is no scientific evidence while rejecting a serious and potentially catastrophic phenomenon that can be easily observed and for which overwhelming evidence has been building for decades?

To begin, climate change denial and chemtrails theories are often conspiracy-based. A study by researchers at the University of Western Australia found "endorsement of a cluster of conspiracy theories ... predicts rejection of climate science as well as the rejection of other scientific findings."

Many deniers see climate change as a massive plot or hoax perpetrated by the world's scientists and scientific institutions, governments, the UN, environmentalists and sinister forces to create a socialist world government or something.

Not all go to such extremes. Some accept climate change is occurring but deny humans are responsible. Still, it doesn't seem rational to deny something so undeniable! In a Bloomberg article, author and Harvard Law School professor Cass R. Sunstein points to three psychological barriers to accepting climate change that may also help explain why it's easier for people to believe in chemtrails: People look to readily available examples when assessing danger, focus "on risks or hazards that have an identifiable perpetrator", and pay more attention to immediate threats than long-term ones.

Researchers Ezra Markowitz and Azim Shariff of the University of Oregon Psychology and Environmental Studies departments add a few more, including that human-caused climate change "provokes self-defensive biases" and its politicization "fosters ideological polarization."

People who subscribe to unbelievable conspiracy theories may feel helpless, so they see themselves as victims of powerful forces — or as heroes standing up to those forces. Whether it's to deny real problems or promulgate imaginary ones, it helps reinforce a worldview that is distrustful of governments, media, scientists and shadowy cabals variously referred to as banksters, global elites, the Illuminati or the New World Order.

The problem is that science denial is, in the case of chemtrails, a wacky distraction and, in the case of climate change denial, a barrier to addressing an urgent, critical problem. Science is rarely 100 per cent certain, but it's the best tool we have for coming to terms with our actions and their consequences, and for finding solutions to problems. The science is clear: human-caused climate change is the most pressing threat to humanity, and we must work to resolve it. We don't have time for debunked conspiracy theories.

September 5, 2013

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Mar 21, 2016
4:09 PM

All the people I know or have met that bang on about chemtrails are NOT climate change deniers. Mostly it is the alternative/hippie that is afraid of chemtrails and they are very interested in preserving the environment.

Jan 17, 2016
1:50 PM

I first heard of “chemtrails” from a co-worker who proudly claimed he has never read a book. He’s not the first person I’ve met who’s proudly claimed to have never read a book. My best friend also is a proud non-book reader. Anyway, one day he started talking about these “chemtrails” as if everybody knows about them. I corrected him saying that it’s pronounced “Contrails” and that I can see why he would confuse how it’s pronounced, especially since he’s never read a book. I didn’t put much thought into it until returning to my hometown when I ended up in a discussion about climate change with my best friend. I was complaining that people in this country have a hard time believing in climate change and to my surprise he said that climate change is happening because of chemtrails. My heart dropped and I almost wanted to cry. I then found out that he got that theory from his Mom who’s deep into conspiracy theories. She too has never read a book. And is oddly proud of it. They both share the justification that nobody needs to read books these days because they make movies about everything. So that caused me to look it up online, I traced it to an origin in like the 70’s where it was a somewhat popular conspiracy theory, but died out until one of the Kardashians mentioned it. After that episode, searches, blogs and articles started being written way more than before the episode aired. So, thank the Kardashians for renewing the public interest in this conspiracy theory. Now not that long ago I met a girl from Canada who I hit things off with pretty quickly. To see how far reaching this conspiracy was, I asked her if she ever heard of chemtrails and to my dismay she not only knew of it, but said they are real! Once again, my heart dropped and although I managed to duck out of the conversation after trying to reason with her, I lost all interest with being with her. She not only believed in chemtrails, but several other conspiracies I had thought were purely american. On the brighter side I had asked friends from several other countries who not only never heard of the conspiracy, but quickly agreed in how ridiculous it was and many even made the association as to it being a reason why Americans have trouble believing in climate change. Now a common factor I have found in all the believers are that they all are having trouble in their personal lives and aren’t where they wished to be, whether it be financially, geographically or spiritually. I think there’s something to creating an unseen enemy that helps people cope with their unhappy circumstances. Of course correlation is not causation, and that is something I’ve also found in common with chemtrail believers is that they have no idea what the term “Correlation is not causation” means. But there appears to be no way to convince those who believe in them that they are wrong. It’s understandable that nobody likes to admit that they are wrong, it’s something that took myself years to accept, that I can be wrong and probably am wrong about everything. But this belief in chemtrails shows how ideas can spread like a virus and the infection is much worse than I originally believed.

Nov 07, 2015
2:09 PM

Acknowledging the human manipulated weather does not mean that one denies climate change. Using that argument simply avoids analyzing the geoengineering phenomenon, and instead concentrates on assassinating the character of those acknowledging the obvious change in the character of the sky. I would understand a politician using this underhanded argument, but not a real scientist. David Keith, the climate scientist, proposes geoengineering of the skies precisely BECAUSE he believes in climate change and wants to remediate the problem by blocking the sun’s rays with aerosols. I know you’re aware of this and can’t help but wonder, being a brilliant scientist, if you are being forced somehow to have this position.

Nov 01, 2015
5:41 AM

Aside from the conspiracy theorists, there is some somewhat credible word of ongoing large scale geo-engineering experiments under way. Is it to combat climate change or simply an attempt to modify weather to suit our tastes?

Aug 23, 2015
4:14 AM

Just being the devils advocate, have a think about this. It would be very much in the interest of the deniers of anthropogenic climate change to do something that would result in the world’s air temperature staying the same. Petrol companies stand to gain most. It would discredit people who claim climate change is real and we are causing it. Secondly, the Pinatubo effect is pretty well established. When large amounts of oxides of sulphur are injected into the atmosphere at around 30,000ft, it causes a couple of years of global cooling. We don’t need to hypothesize that air-planes are spewing special chemicals into the atmosphere. It could be happening right in plain sight without us being any the wiser. All that would be needed is for the petrol companies to supply high sulphur fuel to the air line companies. The air lines would probably have no idea what was happening. Has anyone collected samples of jet fuel from all over the place and had them analysed for Sulphur.

Jul 16, 2015
4:09 PM

Newer, more efficient jet engines account for the increased density of many contrails (it’s technically complex). Look up articles on that. It explains why some people aren’t kidding when they claim that contrails seem more substantial, but I doubt it will sway conspiracy drones.

Jul 16, 2015
4:05 PM

I was stunned when I learned that a good number of gun nuts think most mass shootings (e.g. Sandy Hook) were “false flag” hoaxes staged by “crisis actors” pretending to be victims or family members. I didn’t realize people could stoop that low, but it’s a fact. These nuts are so obsessed with firearm regulation that they choose to ignore evidence of dead bodies from shootings. Some of them even visit the survivors and harass them, but most seem to be cowards, content to post mindless, cherry-picked YouTube videos. It happens like clockwork the day after a shooting. They think they’re just skeptical but they operate like Alex Jones, seeing conspiracies in anything that doesn’t suit their agenda.

It stands to reason that climate deniers are operating in a similar context of bizarre willful ignorance due to ideology, since most of them detest environmental regulations. Most conspiracy theories stem from fear of being “controlled” by the government in some form, even if said “control” has a logical, beneficial basis. Of course, conspiracy nuts tend to be completely self-absorbed and the common good is a low priority for them. They’d rather spin tales to make their lives less boring.

May 29, 2015
7:20 AM

Between you and Canweather Man, Im wondering if the definition of scientist has changed. I am a sr and can tell you jets NEVER used to have these massive trails. So if your a REAL and viable scientist why aren’t you researching this change and getting to the bottom of it and informing the publiclife Right????

May 08, 2015
9:52 PM

What does “By David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington, Communications Manager” mean? I’m not just confused about who wrote this so much as what it is about. As a history buff I am not easily dissuaded from objectivity by thought-stop terms like conspiracy. The murder of Caesar was a conspiracy, the formation of the Christian church was a conspiracy, The French revolution was a conspiracy, the founding of the United States of America was a conspiracy, the removal of the gold standard was a conspiracy, the bombing of pearl harbor was a conspiracy, the Manhattan project was a conspiracy, the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy, watergate was a conspiracy, regardless of who you believe did it, 911 was a conspiracy. Pretty well every detail of the current paradigm has been brought about by conspiracy. When exactly did global warming morph into climate change? If contrails trap solar radiation which science says they do, and man made climate change is the single greatest threat to our survival, why do our benevolent governments subsidize air travel to increase the number of flights with fewer passengers? We don’t need to be divided about the chemical structure of these lines we need to be united by the understanding that they are altering our climate. You want absurdity, hows about an article claiming people who believe in geoengineering are denying the science of human-caused climate change…….wtf.

Apr 06, 2015
6:45 AM

It pains me to see so many intelligent people, including those truly concerned about our environment, completely taken in by the ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy theory. It is too easy in the internet era to see danger where none exists, especially when reinforced by something that you can see with your own eyes every day in many places around the world.

Most people become convinced about ‘chemtrails’ when they see contrails that remain visible for long periods and eventually cover all or part of the sky. But there is a perfectly simple meteorological explanation for this — on some days the air aloft is quite dry, and aircraft condensation trails (contrails) are very short and completely disappear in a matter of minutes. This is typical of high pressure, fair weather situations.

On other days, the air aloft is quite moist, and the contrails aren’t able to evaporate as quickly, or in some cases at all. When that occurs, the contrails can last for hours and be blown downwind and expand. As more planes add more contrails, the sky can become covered with cloud from non-evaporating contrails. In fact, this is a fairly good sign that a low-pressure system is near, and rain/snow may be on the way. Any first-year meteorology student could tell you this.

As Suzuki mentions, contrails can have a small environmental impact in that they reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, and that effect has increased with the increase in air traffic. This should be of some concern. But this is not what the ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy theory is about.

So please, take it from a practising meteorologist / atmospheric scientist (and environmentalist!), this issue is nothing more than an unfortunate distraction. There are many more environmental threats that are real and deserve your attention.

And thanks to David Suzuki for addressing this on his blog — the myths behind ‘chemtrails’ need to be challenged at every opportunity so we can focus on the more important issues of our time.

Feb 08, 2015
12:01 PM

Thank you for speaking out on this again David.

Feb 01, 2015
6:19 AM


Jun 23, 2014
4:59 AM

What further confounds the situation is that, from a scientific point of view, there have been a significant number of factual and verifiable instances where governments have justified actions from the obfuscation of facts to outright lying and the perpetration of hoaxes and hurtful acts in the interest of the greater good or, to coin the phraseology of the day, “national security.” It is no wonder that in an age where political corruption, chrony-ism and liberal distortions of the “facts” are de rigeur that people distrust the institutions that they fund and “govern.” Perhaps embracing the more outrageous hypotheses is a form of protest—a way for the public to promulgate its own half-truths—a way of being ironic and turning their backs on their governing institutions—even if the corollary has dire consequences.

Jun 20, 2014
5:33 AM

GEOENGINEERING (?) I believe in the scientific method, but am not sure it has been applied properly in the case of ongoing Geoengineering, The following article has me worried, as it does not quite seem like the conspiracy theory claimed for “chemtrails” to me:

NASA Proposes Spraying Stratospheric Aerosols Into Earth’s Atmosphere

It’s really amazing how people are waking up to the fact that “chemtrails” are different from “con-trails.” What was once considered a conspiracy to many is now a fact, chemicals are constantly sprayed into our atmosphere and have been for quite some time now.

Not long ago, NASA personnel gave a lecture (that was also streamed live) at their Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. It was a series of talks by scientists and engineers exploring the topic of Geoengineering and Climate Intervention. (1)

Some of you might be thinking, “Geoengineering, what is that?” Geoengineering encompasses strategies to combat and reduce the effects of global warming and climate change. It’s the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system, and one of these methods, as illustrated in the lecture, is called Solar Radiation Management (SRM) by spraying stratospheric aerosols into the atmosphere. (1) The lecture outlines how SRM would require the equivalent of airplanes spraying aerosols into our atmosphere for decades. You can see this at approximately the 32 minute mark. It seems it’s already happening .

These programs are also considering spraying Aluminum into the atmosphere (if not already doing it).

“There might be some good reasons to think about aluminum. Aluminum has four times the volumetric rate for small particles as does sulphur. That means you have roughly 16 times less the coagulation rate, and that’s the thing that really drives removal.” – David Keith, Canadian Environmental Scientists, Professor of Applied Physics at Gordon McKay, Professor of Public policy, Harvard University, President of Carbon Engineering

Jun 11, 2014
7:52 PM

Woo, am I ever disappointed in this article David!! I know for a fact they are spraying chemicals in the air. You can see the criss-cross effect left by there sprays. After they are done the sky is completely over cast. The next day the Sun is covered by a haze. You don’t believe something is going down. Look up David! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see something obscure is happening!! Good luck in your denial.

May 13, 2014
8:36 AM

Dr Suzuki, The Sheep Look Up and see that every “condensation” trail becomes wide and thick and gray. They multiply and fill the sky with a gloomy curtain that blocks the sunny day.

We can not explain it, nor will anyone in the scientific community. Our prime-minister has hushed the scientists and this condensation explanation won’t do with those old enough to remember how a real contrail behaves…. ( It disappears)

Apr 29, 2014
6:35 PM

Well… i don’t know about chem trails, but to say that Humans are responsible for climate change would be like saying that the Mammoths were responsible for the desertification of Siberia! And so on with the dinosaur, the Ice age, and whatever other climate change that has occurred in the Earth’s history. I mean, sure Humans aren’t helping the cause of climate change, and most likely speeding it up extensively, but to say that they are responsible for it is just plain unscientific. Science and history recognizes that Climate change is a phenomena that happens naturally. // Chemtrail theory belongs to the business of conspiracy theorist. and if you are a scientist, then you should care about matters that are scientific, and not of conspiracy nature. Personally, i consider conspiracies for what they are… just… conspiracies! if you fall in the trap of belief, then, that is your story…. but if you just plainly ignore all the sign…. then…. you may end up suffering in the end. Always take things into consideration, without accepting them as absolute truth. :-)

Apr 18, 2014
2:47 PM

Guess what?? If your car could fly, and reach altitude, it too would leave a trail behind it although it wouldn’t be very large or well defined as a fricken jet engine’s would. Why are there so many planes “crisscrossing” the skies?? I dunno, maybe the growth in population, and the number of people able to fly great distances has something to do with it. The “chemtrails” advocates remind me of those little yellow creatures in “Toy Story”….

Ooooooooooooo…. The claw!!!

Apr 17, 2014
8:23 AM

Thanks for taking on such a challenging topic

Apr 17, 2014
8:10 AM

Geo engineering is already occurring on a massive scale, albeit unintentional, scientists tend to be unaware of research like this. Even though highly respected institutions are involved.

This film emphasizes the need for action on climate change, while at the same time points out that upper atmospheric aerosols play a much larger role then previously thought,

Apr 01, 2014
3:24 PM

Don`t government, scientists and airline company executives and pilots already, openly COLLUDE TO TRANSPORT PEOPLE ACROSS THE GLOBE?

Perhaps David should read this. “Since commercial airliners routinely fly in the region where cold cirrus clouds exist, it is hoped that the seeding material could either be (1) dissolved or suspended in their jet fuel and later burned with the fuel to create seeding aerosol, or (2) injected into the hot engine exhaust, which should vaporize the seeding material, allowing it to condense as aerosol in the jet contrail. The objective would not be to seed specific cloud systems but rather to build up a background concentration of aerosol seeding material so that the air masses that cirrus will form in will contain the appropriate amount of seeding material to produce larger ice crystals. Since the residence time of seeding material might be on the order of 1–2 weeks, release rates of seeding material would need to account for this. With the delivery process already existing, this geoengineering approach may be less expensive than other proposed approaches.”

Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming … /fulltext/

If these groups can COLLUDE to prevent global warming why can`t they COLLUDE to CAUSE it? Even if, being generous, the lower levels of the collusion are being told it is to “prevent” global warming.

Its not a LOGISTICAL problem (its not as if the Manhattan Project never got off the ground).

David is not being a scientist here. Because he THINKS the idea is preposterous he WON`T even look into it. He uses the (false) logistics problem as a cover for his preconceived notions. The opposite of a scientist.

Mar 25, 2014
12:26 PM

I never would have expected so much crazy in the comment section of this blog.

Mar 24, 2014
5:07 PM

Anything spewing from a plane I don’t trust period!!

Feb 25, 2014
9:06 PM

Please watch this UN Climate change session and listen to Dr,Rosalind Peterson talk on the chemtrail issue. Wake up Mr. Suzuki!! The world is no longer flat.

Feb 24, 2014
5:26 AM

we can put in to question the intentionality…but can we denye the effects of what we see in the sky form 2-3 years unttil now? even here in portugal? and if the plane provokes the condensation, isn´t it a forcing process? doesn´t it creates the problem, as been here approached of the influence it as on clima? so isn´t it massive geo engineering, even if un intended? most of the people, get lost, and the contradictions and dis information lobbies, like the one that is atacking presidente Obama policie on carbon, and putting law suites to stop it? don´t you thinck it´s because scientists are ignoring a massive effect that we all can see, mitigate it, like if it wasn´t a problem?

Feb 23, 2014
1:27 AM

Dr. Suzuki, Thank you so much for this article. Please do more to educate your fans on the realities vs. conspiracies about HAARP, chemtrails and geoengineering. Please also educate them on the realities vs. hype about Fukushima. Thank you.

Feb 17, 2014
1:40 AM

Extremely disappointed after reading that article Mr Suzuki. Why don’t you just sit down and TAKE THE TIME to get yourself informed rather than making bold statements as a “Scientist” who claims to know everything that’s going on under the sun!! Please watch:”What in the world are they spraying” or the award winning documentary “Look Up” by George Barnes. In the mean time I don’t have time for “scientists” who refuse to look beyond the length of their own nose!

Feb 13, 2014
9:03 AM

Your explanation does not explain wildly erratic flight patterns nor days when only the sun, conveniently, is obscured by these ‘persistent contrails’.

I have not seen a single sunrise nor sunset in years that has not been hazed out by this madness — even in rural areas not under any heavy flight traffic.

The fact you wildly dismiss this without using your own eyes — or without consulting the MANY other scientists who say otherwise — seems pretty unscientific.

This is called mob science. And it’s highly dogmatic and bullying — like any old religion.

Jan 28, 2014
6:29 PM

We point out that this is chemtrail discrimination. The chemtrail discrimination is not anti science. It is FOR disclosure by governments of ALL PRIVATE airports. Currently private airports have no disclosure. They don’t have to collect the names of the companies that fly out of the airports. They don’t have to disclose what they they are doing. They don’t have to disclose the chemicals used. They are not subject to ANY federal disclosure. That means Monsanto et al can do as they like, spray as they like. THIS IS REAL. Force governments to enact legislation for private airports to disclose then the chemtrail debate stops. (unless of course they are doing something unethical????)

Short sightedness by Mr. Suzuki. Again.

Jan 23, 2014
4:25 AM

OMG talk about non-science.

Have any of you chem-trail believers actually thought about how to measure what comes out of the exhaust of a jet plane? Unlikely from reading these comments.

Probably a reliable place to check out the methods of measuring gasses would be oh, maybe aerosol science?

How would a aerosol scientist test the assertion of contaminants in jet exhaust? Could do by two methods. 1) Direct sampling ie sample exhaust and nearby clear air with vacuum bottles. Then analyse the sample contents and look for differences in the samples. This can be done by a mass or gas spectrophotometer. 2) Remote sensing. ie sampling light from sun shining through jet exhaust and nearby clear air with a spectrophotometer. Then compare the two and look for differences in the spectrum.

Either of these analytical techniques are very well known and understood. Getting to the jet exhaust to do physical sample is just difficult and not impossible. So don’t use this as an excuse for not attempting it.

Has anybody done this? Not from any thing I read here or any YT videos.

Please go get a education in critical thinking and scientific method and I mean like a college or university standard, not YT videos. Then you will see this is so ridiculously simple to think through and test.

And by the way, association is NOT causation. So please don’t use coincidental sickness, (add favourite “chem-trail” observation), with jet exhaust to claim existence of “chem trails”.

Please start thinking. It doesn’t hurt and will actually improve your life.

Jan 11, 2014
1:50 PM

Note that once we hear about chemtrails, we are subject to a classic cognitive mistake — confirmation bias. We stopped taking much notice of contrails long ago because we grew up with them. Once we hear that they are some kind of poison or something bad, we notice them more, and presto, they are now more of them! And they “last longer”! Classic mindf**k. The evil in this is the trickery that the perpetrators of this fear meme use, and thus scare you with. It is easy and very effective if you dont understand the trick. Oh, and anything that does not confirm this is the government hiding it, just like the cheap preachers who tell you that anything that contradicts them is from that clever Satan.

Jan 09, 2014
6:34 PM

It is understandable to be getting frustrated with climate change deniers.

I am going to put this link first, in hopes Suzuki et al will see it, and read it for themselves. - Go to this companies website. Look at “Clients and Projects” and even Suzuki has to admit that it is odd to see BC Hydro listed there for “snowpack augmentation.” Now, this is the crux of the matter: Corporate profits and control.

Suzuki gets somewhat close to the truth in this article in one part, “Scientists have tested and used cloud and atmospheric seeding for weather modification and considered them as ways to slow global warming. With so many unknowns and possible unintended consequences, these practices have the potential to cause harm.” That is an important point. This new science, like GMO, and like nuclear before that, like all scientific advances, has great potential and power… and has extensive possible problems and side-effects.

So, the argument is controlled by large marketing and PR firms to ensure that, in the end, people ask for geoengineering… People will beg for it, to solve the problem of climate change. Rather than changing the system and polluting industry we have, we can just apply for polluting industry to mitigate the symptoms. We foolishly allow ourselves to focus on symptoms of a much vaster problem. That problem is corporatocracy, or corporatism, or other words which dare not be mentioned.

The climate is changing, has always been changing, and will always change. Our actions are almost certainly making it worse and/or more extreme (95% confidence). It is easy to argue about something that is, was, and will always be happening on our planet. This conversation is directed by big industry, because it is also easy to argue that CO2 is good/bad, responsible/not responsible. On the other hand, it is impossible to coherently argue that the massive amounts of pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, flame retardants, you name it, are not bad for us. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that we are polluting ourselves and our environment, and only mass change in how we do business can change that. Much more difficult to deny that, than, say, CO2 is destroying us all, regardless of the truth or science behind the matter.

In addition, it is a win-win for big business, because once a problem is agreed on as global climate change, they can then profiteer from it.

I would encourage Suzuki, whom I have met and have deep respect for, to consider the sociopolitical aspects a bit less simplistically than simply saying it is conspiracy. There are huge resources dedicated to ensuring a lively debate on global warming, so that the conversation doesn’t go to wholesale change in the system and hierarchy of how business on this planet is run, and who makes the decisions.

Suzuki must be frustrated to write such a blog, and as a human, that is understandable. We all make mistakes. I implore you David, and all others that might feel frustrated with climate change and other issues of our time: Please, please, please look deeper.

On some levels, the conspiracy theorists are probably closer to the truth than you think, if only symbolically.

Jan 09, 2014
2:53 PM

If there are no chemtrails, then why would planes be crisscrossing the sky with vapor trails, a huge waste of petrol.


Dec 25, 2013
8:46 PM

Have you considered the interesting fact that on certain days no “persistent contrails” are visible? Does that mean no planes were flying that day? NO! I have timelapses of multiple skies, and these “contrails” -that you think they are- spread out and pollute most of the sky. They stay there for the majority of the day. Your ‘scientific’ research seems to be disinformation, or counter-intel.

As for determining a reason for why people believe in conspiracies…you go off topic just to insult these people and categorize them….why?

Have you studied any governmental propaganda? It is well known that the airwaves are controlled by special interest groups that want people distracted, and they are extremely successful in America. They have placed a veil over everyone’s eyes. To even defend government at this point is corrupt at its core and you should be ashamed. Here is ONE example in how effective propaganda is. The majority of people still believe Germany was the country responsible for WWI.

Can i safely assume you also believe there is effect in voting anymore? These two parties have the same core result, while the divisiveness is a mere illusion to distract the people with petty nonsense like healthcare, welfare, and class warfare. Those are distractions. I remember as a kid, the skies were not polluted with these CHEMTRAILS, that spread out and cover large areas. You may deflect the sheep, but good luck with educated people.

Dec 19, 2013
6:31 AM

Well said Jody, by the way!!!

Dec 13, 2013
6:12 PM

I am not a scientist, and can tell you my belief in geoenginnering is based on observation. For the last 5-6 years I have seen a lot of persistent trails in the sky. Very unusual considering that older memerories recall not seeing them at all. I take everything with a grain a salt, and believe me part of me doesn’t want to believe this, but it really would not surprise me if this was happening. The truth is out there.

Dec 08, 2013
11:31 AM

Dear Mister Suzuki, to know what chemtrail is you must first know what contrails is. NASA, FAA, EPA, NOAA, USAF states that contrails ONLY CAN form and be visuable above 26.000 ft, where the atmospher is colder then > -40 C and at the same time has a very HIGH RHI (Relative Humidity over Ice saturation). To form a “persisient natural contrail” it is required that the atmospher also as an “ice-supersaturated air masse” present AND to form a “contrail-cirrus” cloud it is required a RHI of about 145-165%, which is not possible to accure in hot and dry places like over a dessert or other such places who normaly has warm and dry weather conditions.. That is scientific facts. Hower, as jets have been documented many times to lay thick plums of trails EVEN BELOW the level of cumulus clouds at 6000 ft and where the local weather authoritys have shown data of a very hot and dry air masse present at the same time, it is scientificly impossible dear mister Suzuki that it can be a NORMAL contrail in those cases! Please check out the search word “low flying chemtrail planes” at You Tube, where you for exemple can see a A380 doing a “black engine test run” on 3000m or 9000 ft laying thick plumes of trails…which even by NASAs own stated fact definition about contrail formations

Nov 26, 2013
12:09 PM

David Suzuki just lost our respect completely.. Way to spread misinformation Mr.Suzuki.

Nov 17, 2013
4:13 PM

This article is so terribly shocking and disappointing. Dr. Suzuki, my family and I have always had the utmost respect for your work. We are not conspiracy theorists. We do not deny human caused climate change (quite the contrary). We do not pretend to know the reason our skies are being sprayed, we only know that they are. One of the downsides to the internet is that anyone can post just about anything they want, and there will be someone else who falls for it. But as a rational, logical person, I have to say again, so disappointed.

Nov 08, 2013
1:19 AM

Yes, it’s amazing how so many people fail to see the difference between a few dodgy websites and proper peer reviewed science. Our world is so enmeshed in the virtual we no longer trust our own senses, our common sense, anymore.

Oct 23, 2013
1:45 PM

What do you say then to those who have taken rainwater samples after these ‘chemtrails’ appear, had them tested at a lab, and found elevated levels of barium, strontium, aluminum, cadmium, etc. beyond levels that are considered normal?

Oct 13, 2013
10:26 AM

Not sure how David managed to find such preposterous claims of “chemtrail” affects like mind-control or mass poisoning, however contrails are not what you see when you look up on most days. These are trails that last indefinitely, rather they are a condensation caused by the pressure difference created by the wing design of planes. So I am to believe now that planes are designed to prevent pressure equilibrium for hours at a time? Last time I looked on a clear day, contrails last a couple minutes on the coldest days.

Your previous article did justice to the issues of geoengineering, however chemtrail concerns are hardly focused around being mind-controlled. It is an issue of not being informed by government of issues in which they feel are critical enough to promote nationally. The concept of not informing the public about the needs for geoengineering is the only climate change denial brought forth by this issue.

There isn’t much valid research on the topic so research it yourself

Oct 09, 2013
9:51 AM

The trails in the sky that I saw were made by a small plane, not a jet

Sep 16, 2013
10:55 PM

The real way to “prove” this silliness is simple. (or not simple) Fly through an existing contrail (it’s not a bloody chemtrail!) and gather whatever you can of this proposed ‘chemical’ via some method of collection. (big scoop). test it. Then you will have your answer. (yep, it’s condensation!)

The reason the contrails exist as such is because of the low pressure air reacting with hot humid air and gasses via the engines. (ever wonder why your car ‘steams’ in the morning or rainy days? no, it’s not chlorine gas conspiracy)

Think about the physical impossibility of what you see (in order for it to be truely a chemtrail). If a ‘spray’ of some mind control chemical (or what have you) was actually being released from an airplane at high altitude at 500mph, across hundred of miles, do you have any idea how HUGE a liquid payload this would require to create such a massive length of trail that you see? Think of a water bomber and the huge amount of water it gathers for such a short release time..even if it was gradually released at high speed at altitude, it wouldn’t stretch as far as you typical ‘over a city’ contrail, let alone a country. It would be far easier to taint the public water system to infect people with whatever agent governments and aliens ect (lol) want to use. yeah yeah… they already do..fluoride and chlorine.. I know I know..

Sep 15, 2013
10:55 PM

Mr. Suzuki: you have not researched this topic adequately. Why on earth would you equate acknowledgement of chemtrails with climate change denial? It makes you look like a hack currying public favor. I am on board with most of what you put forward, but this article is a badly put together op-ed piece, not a scientific investigation. I have read a fair bit about chemtrails, but have never heard it put forward until now that they were the main cause of global warming. Did you find that on one particular site? Sure, there are invalid conspiracy theories which generalize about a global cabal, but the sad truth is that there have always been small and moderate scale conspiracies and profiteering rackets, as your own knowledge of Monsanto will no doubt inform you. Please don’t take a stand on things you haven’t given due consideration and please avoid lumping things together which are distinct… otherwise you are the conspiracy theorist!

Sep 14, 2013
2:22 AM

Unfortunately some of my previous comment mysteriously disappeared: have a look at what’s going on in Europe with chemtrail activists: our Skyguards group organized a conference at EU Parliament in April 2013

Sep 12, 2013
12:20 PM

I am impressed you allow so many other comments against your article. are you listening. are you going to change your tune. we are right you are wrong.

Sep 12, 2013
11:46 AM

david is wrong. observations are provable. persistant contrails do not cloud the sky. persistant spraying of chemicals do.

it is observable. if you don’t know you haven’t obvserved. the passion of the chemtrail activists must tell you their belief in what they are seeing.

look up and know.

geoengineering is insane, not the observers of it.

Sep 12, 2013
10:20 AM

The persistent belief in the chemtrail nonsense joins other curious belief phenomenon, such as strange religious beliefs within other’s religions: or our government’s belief that a finite planet can sustain endless growth in human activity, i.e., in human population and resource throughput. And then there’s the one about wind generators causing sickness in people and anything else nearby.

High level aviators are familiar with condensation trails (contrails). There are a variety of views posted on web but at least the Wickiedia has a sensible explanation.

But it’s not just the hot gasses from engines that can cause contrails. I spent a few winters in Cold Lake Alberta, and sometimes when the temperature was about minus 40, and no wind, the cold air was sometimes supersaturated and any disturbance would cause crystalized ice particles to form. The first car down the street would leave a contrail or ice fog as we called it. I’m sure the diehard chemtrail adherent would be convinced we were spewing some weird chemical. Don Chisholm

Sep 11, 2013
10:38 PM

Great article! But it’s disappointing to see so many conspiracy fans here as critics. I have very little patience for the kind of fear mongering so many of you commenters perpetuate. I’ve heard so many of these theories, about the military, the Federal Reserve, the UN, corporations, whatever. I’m tired of all this apocalyptic thinking — you people are too scared and gullible.

Sep 10, 2013
11:33 PM

Former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm has filed a freedom of information request with the government regarding chemtrails. In the news today.

Sep 10, 2013
11:22 PM

Well done, Mr. Suzuki! Now you could start listen to your fellow scientists working on biotechnology and do the same with the GMO’s conspiracy theorists.

Sep 10, 2013
8:57 PM

Chemtrails are a physical impossibility, let alone a logistical impossibility. They can only be believed in by the scientifically/logically illiterate. No insult is intended by calling scientifically/logically illiterate people scientifically/logically illiterate. It correctly expresses a small number of their shortcomings. A single Al2O3 chemtrail that spans the sky would weigh approximately 42,200 kg (The maths is pretty easy, parameters provided below). For a Boeing 747 with dry weight of 174,400 kg, fuel weight of 163,300 kg and max take-off weight of 377,800 kg that leaves around 40,400 kg for all cargo. A “chemtrail” plane could therefore spray just (almost!) one Al2O3 trail at astronomical cost. Multiply that by the numerous alleged “chemtrails” posted on conspiracy sites across the globe each day and the cost quickly becomes more than .. oh, probably the global budget for everything … when there is no purpose ascribed to the hoax which could not be accomplished on an achievable economic scale.

Trail height: 12,000m Trail subtended angle: 165 degrees Jet fuel mass: 820 kg/m^3 Fuel burn rate for Boeing 747: 20 kg/km Al2O3 mass: 3,950 kg/m^3 Fuel conversion factor to H20: 1.2 Al2O3 mean particle diameter: 40um Ice (cirrus) mean particle diameter: 100um (Think about the particle size ratio to calculate opacty = 1 for a trail that is not see-through)

I pull up short of calling these people stupid.

Sep 10, 2013
6:27 PM

You know, I really must marvel at those who are explaining to David Suzuki how he is supposed to “do science”

1 — Look up 2 — Go to Youtube 3 — Educate yourself


Sep 10, 2013
6:14 PM

Thank you Dr Suzuki.

Sep 10, 2013
3:51 PM

“We know what is creating our problem with climate and we know the best solution, which is to accept that mother nature, not governments or corporations sets the limits and we’ve got to meet those limits. Geoengineering is Insane.” – David Suzuki

so what is it david, is geoenginering insane or may we have to consider it? as you ask in this past article …. Because we’ve stalled so long on reducing carbon emissions and still aren’t doing enough, we may have to consider it. David Suzuki

or is it both insane and maybe nessacary. a possible insane nessesity. is that what you would call it?

Sep 09, 2013
6:09 PM

I’m not sure what is being implied by the second to last paragraph in this article?

Given the documented history of the climate change issue it seems quite evident that there has been influence on opinion and governance in favor of maintaining the status quo?

It’s difficult for a population to ask for change when it is implied by government that our economy may suffer or we will not thrive as a nation if we change paths. The message seems to be there is no alternative to carrying on as we have been until disaster prevents it.

The scientific identification of the source of the climate change problem alone seems enough to settle the question of the source of the influences. It’s certainly not the birds or bee’s driving us toward environmental disaster is it? Occasionally some conspiracy theories develop legs and walk unless they can be falsified by evidence or superseded by a better theory.

Sep 09, 2013
2:16 AM

Dear Dr. Suzuki, I usually am a fan of yours but I’m disappointed to read your dismissal of chemtrails. I am an elected Green Party town councillor in Cyprus (and a Canadian). We’ve been studying chemtrails in EU for almost 20 years now (it was first discussed in Parl. back in 1995). Our Cyprus Green Party has looked into this

Sep 08, 2013
10:25 PM

Wow…another scientist silenced. How much did the government pay Suzuki to write this? There is TONS on evidence for chemtrails. Just go to Hawaii.

Watch “What in the World are They Spraying?” on youtube. Educate yourself.

Sep 07, 2013
1:23 PM

After reading the comments on here, I am relieved that there are still some critical thinking people on this planet. People who are reading your website most certainly know that climate change is real — I was personally offended that you would reduce me to a climate change denier because I believe that chem trails exist.
I watch the skies and have my whole life. I have seen the difference. I have also seen the studies done in Sonoma Valley, where there are heavy chem trails laid almost daily. The aluminum content in the plants, soil and water have increased hugely, and plants and trees are dying for no apparent reason.
Again I encourage everyone to check out this site and just try and deny that this happens. Weather modifications and weather manipulation is real. And it is being done secretly in front of our eyes. I have been using a website which tracks air crafts in the sky. When I see one that sprays, I check the radar map to see who is doing it.,-113.5/7

Sep 07, 2013
4:32 AM

Dr. Suzuki, I see that on other blogs which have reprinted this essay you have found out what happens when you say that there is no credible evidence for chemtrails/geoengineering. Now you have become part of the conspiracy that uses fear of the unknown to prey on people. Many of them are asking you to do the impossible, to refute a negative, to disprove something that does not exist. However, they are making a positive claim which is that solar radiation is being reduced which can be looked at. The premise that geoengineering is based on is that measurable changes in solar radiation to the surface were seen after volcanic eruptions spewed gas/particles which increased aerosol density and reduced solar transmission through the atmosphere. A notable example was the volcano Mt. Pinatubo. The claim that geoengineering is taking place would be true ONLY if a similar reduction were measureable. Fortunately, since 1958 “solar apparent transmission” has been measured at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, the longest such record on earth. It easily shows the changes wrought by Pinatubo and other eruptions, but during the time period of chemtrails claims shows no such reduction in transmission. This is the best way that claims about geoengineering can be refuted, yet is one which the proponents of that conspiracy theory have not dealt with.

Sep 06, 2013
8:34 PM

David, I was educated as an engineer. I was taught that the first rule of science was observation, and more observation. For myself, I have spent more than two years observing spray patterns, frequency, and prevailing weather conditions. When you have spent that much time researching chemtrails, you can then offer a credible opinion. Until then, you are not a scientist in this field.

Sep 06, 2013
8:09 PM

Mr. Suzuki, I have been respecting you ever since I was a child in Canada and understood what you were saying. But, I’m sorry to see your take on chemtrails. I can speak from first hand experience about talking to airline pilots, from having friends sampled and tested material that has fallen out of the sky from chemtrails on their mountain properties, and more…… that chemtrails are something that we should be very worried about. Maybe you’re saying that their ‘a done deal’ and that we can’t do anything about them or the people or corporations behind the chemtrail activity? Maybe so…. maybe their isn’t enough money or anyway to put a stop to what’s going on in the sky. But, please sir, tell us why you don’t believe in how harmful chemtrails are. They AREN’T contrails.

Sep 06, 2013
3:51 PM

I think we have far bigger problems than just climate change. Monoculture annual agriculture in all its forms are killing the biodiversity of our planet and we need that biodiversity to survive and thrive. This form of agriculture is the driving force that is killing the life force that provides us with life on this planet. I could get into all of the reasons but I am sure you already know them so I wont.

Regards Denis Moore

Sep 06, 2013
3:48 PM

Because we’ve stalled so long on reducing carbon emissions and still aren’t doing enough, we may have to consider it

Sep 06, 2013
1:10 PM

I’ll be sure to inform a cousin of mine who recently retired from the Air Force he’s misinformed! Rather like telling an Iraq veteran their illness is in their heads or a Vietnam Vet that their cancer is naturally occurring. Any article that begins playing around with the term conspiracy probably has a debunking agenda and should be taken with a grain of salt. Reminds me of the guy dressed like a doctor who says he isn’t a doctor but then says he plays a doctor on a day time television show who begins telling us about the benefits of some new drug. It’s what you get when you mix a little fact with fiction and call it truth.

Sep 06, 2013
1:01 PM

If you believe chemtrails are only harmless emissions I’m afraid you are going to have to prove it scientifically. Let’s go and get some random samples and have them independently verified, should be easy enough right? Or maybe we can ground a few aircraft that we suspect are spraying toxins? Of course no aircraft has ever sprayed toxins over a population how silly of us to have even considered it. Denial of the chemtrail theory is bad science without any science to back up your claim.

Sep 06, 2013
11:30 AM

I believe in both climate change and geo engineering, including chem trails. I don’t think that it is “science” that refutes the existence of chem trails and other forms of weather modification, it is the government that denies their existence.
We that believe in both, also understand that it may not only be the government that is involved in this. For example, the Alberta Hail Suppression Program, which is sponsored by general insurance companies. Also, how can one claim that there is no scientific evidence to support the “chem trail theory” when there are companies like this out there, that publicly offer their services to hundreds of government and private groups, and list them on their website for all to see? I respect you, Dr Suzuki, but I don’t understand your stance on this issue at all.

Sep 06, 2013
9:47 AM

David I have just lost my faith in you!!

Climate change is a fact of life, and yes, we may be contributing to environmental contamination, but to say that weather manipulation and HAARP are without concerns troubles me!

JFK signed on to the program of weather manipulation! Like GMOs there effects are not known entirely, but to rule out the concerns of chemtrails, and the effects of weather modification, HAARP, and the impact of Monsanto’s stuff on the bee population, seems unscientific!

I will continue to read your stuff and follow it! There will be a reckoning of man’s manipulations of biology, and the environment!

There seems to be some scientific evidence!

Sep 06, 2013
8:40 AM

So why do some con-trails stay for 45 seconds and some 45 minutes? seem like they didn’t use to do that when I was a kid in the 80s…

Sep 06, 2013
8:06 AM

I like science, I like facts but love the truth. I will be honest, I am starting to think that their is a purpose for those streaks in the sky, they stick out at certain times of the day, and the airplanes have a certain path they must take and don’t choose different ones on a dime. However I respect your opinion and would like to know how if you have done studies on what’s left in the ground from this theory of ChemTrails? Where is this coming from if not from the sky, I know the time is ticking on Climate Changed…however if we don’t stop other scientist from approving these harmful chemicals to us all how will we survive? Debunking is something that scientist are designed to do. Scientist debunk all kinds of things that are bad to our bodies but go with it and we are poisoned, mother earth is poisoned. Scientist are handcuffed in Canada because of cuts and wont work I guess, but I think the majority of people will focus on a scientists who will expose ChemTrails(if true), GMO, Wi-Fi use, Oil dependencies, Pesticides and so on. These poison are introduced onto our societies by huge corporations backed by crazy scientists at an alarming rate everyday around the world, why are we not focusing on those atrocities? because the money is too good? Everywhere seems to bring out all kinds of information regarding on side or the other of what it happening and agree people are confused, but one thing that people have to realize is that almost everyone is dependant on a system. These systems are not natural or for humans, but its real and killing us and killing our next generations…fact! Humans created this system, why? that’s a journey that does not take long if your honest.

Sep 05, 2013
11:04 PM

I am shocked at your take on ‘chem-trails’..seems obvious these are not normals con-trails happening daily. Is Bill Vanderzalm lying?

Sep 05, 2013
10:16 PM

Thank you for addressing this subject. As an outdoor worker and observer of the sky I do see these trails and they are very disconcerting. I am not a believer in conspiracy theories but I watch and wonder about what is happening over our heads every day and would welcome more scientific input. I wish you could answer more questions about them, such as why they do not dissipate but remain and spread out over the sky until it is completely white, why they are seemingly turned on and off and on again so there are short lines and longer lines, why also on certain days, holidays there are absolutely none. Do airlines shut down for holidays? I would be interested for you to expand on the topic expressed in the last two sentences of paragraph 5. What environmental problems do these vapour trails create? With knowledge comes understanding and understanding relieves the fear and uncertainty. I look forward to more information about condensation trails , cloud formations and the global changes in weather patterns . Thank you

Sep 05, 2013
9:41 PM

Great article.

It gets really tiresome hearing from people who want to tell us that they know chemtrails exist because they can see it in the sky and it looks different from when they were kids. Well, it doesn’t take much objective research to discover that airplane engines, flight patterns, and sheer volumes of aircraft have changed a lot over the last half century.

I have almost unanimously found that conspiracy theorists who cling to unfounded beliefs have major problems going on in their own lives in regards to either: work, finances, housing, health, or personal relationships. I don’t know much about psychology but I’d hazard a guess about the correlation: it seems like wild theories that make us hysterical serve as distractions from our problems.

Sep 05, 2013
8:54 PM

Chemtrails are complete psychotic nonsense — I say that just to make my position clear.

But “climate change” confuses me. Just what does climate change imply? I can understand being told the world is getting warmer, or the world is getting colder (like back in the 70’s).

But what is meant by “Climate Change”? Is this just another term for Global Warming?

Sep 05, 2013
7:02 PM

The easy answer to your question about why people believe in chemtrails and do not believe in climate change is because they have Alex Jones and social media feeding the conspiracy world. They are winning the social media marketing war over science and it is creating countless crazies.

Sep 05, 2013
6:11 PM

One example of why people would think that their government may be using aircraft to spray chemicals. Agent Orange ring a bell??

Sep 05, 2013
6:07 PM

The problem with science is that it is wrong. All of it. Everything that science has to offer is based off of very rudimentary observations, even from the point of view of our greatest minds in history. Sure we may make strides in our scientific progress, but while science can put a man on the moon it still cannot put a man in his own heart. Science is a flawed system that is only credible until proven otherwise.

You say you look at things with a “scientific” mind, yet disregard the fact that your science is premature, and very narrow minded. No aspect of science can encompass the brilliance of the universe, rather it allows us through our technology to “observe” and then make righteous claims.

You speak of how people deny the facts of science which leads them to their crazy conspiracy theories and such, yet your science cannot explain extremely basic phenomena. For example, you have a dream where someone knocks at your door, then you wake from the dream and 10 seconds later someone knocks at your door. Did your mind predict this to happen, or did it already happen, and when you sleep you actually “unstick” yourself from the ridiculous constraint of “time”. Perception is reality, and if you perceive with your narrow scientific mind things to be absolute or truth, then you will live a narrow-minded, closed, existence.

If you want answers to anything, science is on the same level as religion. You use all available view points or knowledge to come to a more definitive answer. But for science, all it can say is “this is right. this is what we saw. we are impartial. this is correct based on our research.” Again, this is the same science that can accuractly describe the heat and intesnity of the rays from the sun, but cannot explain why the sun burns as it does, or what put it there to begin with. And before you go with your nebula and quazars and big bang, I wish for you to read this without ego, and understand that truly man only has his observations, no solidified fact. You cannot even prove that you exist. How can you disprove therefore anything that arrises from “existence”, or manifests itself in your reality?

Chemtrails are not any of the things you named here, because you only have your narrow mind. It is beyond your understanding, the purpose, and I will not delve into specifics here, but you must first come to grips with the fact that you truly know nothing, and there are interdimensional entities which occupy the same space as you, just in a different realm or dimension. Chemtrails are to prevent the interdimensional beings from warping into our atmosphere. Not to pollute the masses or kill anyone or prevent global warming. The chemicals ionize the atmosphere, making it hard for the “UFOS” to pop in and out into our realm.

This is a global conspiracy to keep the humans in the dark about the true nature of existence, nature, and reality. We are not alone, ever, in any moment, and the powers at hand are hell bent on keeping this truth from enveryone. Meditate on this. Shalom.

Sep 05, 2013
5:55 PM

I’ve had this argument time and time again with these chemtrail theorists. It astounds me every time someone can devote so much time this when larger, proven problems exist with our world. Thank you for writing this article, it’s nice to read this from someone who can write better than myself. C.

Sep 05, 2013
5:20 PM

Believing in one does not necessarily exclude believing in the other. I am definitely NOT a climate change denier. In fact, I am very concerned about the level of environmental destruction that humans have been able to conduct over the past /- 100 years. However, I am very much aware of the chemtrail phenomenon going on in my city and have photos to document the jetplanes flying back and forth, criss-crossing the skies on a bright afternoon to create a sheet of hazy cloud cover that blocks out the sun (blocking out our primary source of Vitamin D, food for plants to build chlorophyll and grow, to ripen fruits, etc., etc. In our lifetime up until recently, we have seen plenty of airplanes fly past leaving a thin stream of contrails that easily disappear within a short time. Only recently (in the past few years), have we seen the ongoing chemtrail phenomenon for the purposes of geoengineering. … Anyways, I’m not going to launch in a lengthly discussion here. I just want to say that, as a scientist, you should very well know that what is not scientifically proven today, can certainly be scientifically proven tomorrow. This has been evidenced again and again throughout history.

P.S. On account of our philosophical differences on this issue (i.e., the fact that you support geoengineering, while I believe it’s a huge threat to both human and environmental health), I think I may have to retract both my moral and financial support from the David Suzuki foundation.

Sep 05, 2013
5:09 PM

Completely agree with you.

I wonder though if as we pump billions of tonnes of gasses into the atmosphere,, adding more mass effectively, which can be heated by the sun to have more potential energy, than with an atmosphere with less mass, resulting in larger concentrations of high pressure areas, more evaporation…

In times of cooling, more wet air mass resulting in potentially more rain, snow such as what has been occurring in the UK winters recently.

Would the potential for longer lasting contrails and the increasing air traffic lead people to see a change in the behaviour of contrail clouds which leads to this speculation?

This fall morning from a cool night I awoke to a sky filled with contrail cloud covering the sky like a blanket. I do live under the a route that goes direct to chicago so there is lot of traffic. In any case it does seems that the cold temperature results in longer lasting contrails and I just wonder if global warming is further increasing the potential for contrails make more of an impact than historically?

I assume though that increasing air traffic is the larger factor. Although I really don’t know.

The other question is what percentage of people actually believe this? Just because some people post things on the internet does not mean even 5% of people believe such as thing. Last I read something like 95% of people believe the climate is changing.

Sep 05, 2013
5:03 PM

As with all addictions, the first big step for individuals is to admit to the existence of a problem.

While science is a good tool for finding out how material nature works, we have to admit it’s scope is limited to that part of the problem.

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