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  • Ban the new "F"-word

    Canadian regulators are poised to approve a neonic-like poison called flupyradifurone. We call it the new "F"-word. Join us in telling the PRMA that it's time for Canada to get serious about addressing the concerns with neonics and related systemic pesticides. More »

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  • It's time to save the bees and ban neonic pesticides

    It's the government's duty to protect us from potentially harmful chemicals. With neonics, the science is clear: they're unsafe. Researchers say "there is clear evidence of harm sufficient to trigger regulatory action." They're calling them "the new DDT". It's time to ban these harmful pesticides. More »

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  • We can make Canada's reality match its image

    Our Constitution's Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives us freedom of expression, equal protection from discrimination and the right to life, liberty and security of the person. But it doesn't mention the environment. How can we fully enjoy our freedoms without the right to live in a healthy environment? More »

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  • Project: Right to a Healthy Environment

    With a country as beautiful as ours, it's easy to see why our identity as Canadians is rooted in the landscape that surrounds us. It's why Canadians like you have always been out in front on the environment. But after generations of progress, the last number of years has seen progress being rolled back again and again. More »

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  • Getting dirty may be healthy

    We need to support conservation of natural areas and the diverse forms of life they contain, plant a variety of species in our yards, avoid antibacterial cleaning products and go outside in nature and get dirty — especially kids. Our lives and immune systems will be richer for it. More »

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