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  • Climate Leadership, Economic Prosperity

    This report shows that with strong federal and provincial government policies, Canada can meet the 2°C emissions target in 2020 and still have a strong growing economy, a quality of life higher than Canadians enjoy today, and continued steady job creation across the country. The analysis also shows that the federal government needs to implement far stronger policies than it has proposed to date to meet its current GHG target. More »

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  • It's time for a new economic paradigm

    I've heard economists boast that their discipline is based on a fundamental human impulse: selfishness. They claim that we act first out of self-interest. I can agree, depending on how we define self. To some, "self" extends beyond the individual person to include immediate family. Others might include community, an ecosystem, or all other species. More »

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  • Colour the budget green

    There seems to be a general consensus that the biggest challenge for 2009 will be to recover from the enormous economic hangover of 2008. In that search for the perfect cure, I would like to issue our decision makers in Ottawa a challenge — be bold! More »


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