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  • Understanding Sprawl: A Citizen's Guide

    Understanding Sprawl is a guide for decision-makers and citizens who want to create a healthy, affordable and sustainable urban future. It is not an architectural blueprint but an exploration of the forces that shape cities and what people can do about them. It probes the history of city and suburban development, which is critical for understanding current urban patterns. It reviews the nature of the city and outlines the social and economic costs incurred by recent development. More »

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  • Salmon Aquaculture: A brochure for chefs and food industry professionals

    As part of our public education campaign about the risks of netcage salmon farming, this brochure informs chefs and professionals who work in the food industry why wild salmon is a superior choice to farmed salmon. While targeted at food professionals, the brochure contains valuable information for anyone interested in learning more about the negative environmental and health effects of salmon farming in Canada. Issues covered include disease, escapes, and habitat and species destruction. The brochure contains information so that you can take action by contacting Canada's Fisheries Minister. More »

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