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  • Outdoor fun is good for kids and the planet

    Our children have exchanged the experience of outdoors and nature with the enclosed world of electronics, resulting in "nature deficit disorder". For those of us who are concerned about the state of the biosphere, this is disturbing because a person for whom nature is a stranger will not notice, let alone care about, environmental degradation. More »

    Science Matters

  • Are the kids alright?

    Most kids today know 1,000 corporate logos but can't name 10 plants and animals in their own backyards. Children who spend time in nature grow into adults that care about protecting it. Are we in trouble? More »

    Queen of Green

  • Getting kids into birds

    Children who connect with nature grow into adults who care about protecting it. So round up the kids in your life — and their friends — and head outdoors! Sylvie de Sousa and Katharine Byers (the two Vancouver Moms behind Nature Bag) suggest these kid-friendly, bird-related activities. More »

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