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  • Natural Capital in Rouge National Park

    This report provides the first-ever estimate of the economic value of ecosystem services provided by Canada's future Rouge National Park and its surrounding watersheds. Using valuation techniques from the field of natural capital economics, the report estimates that the Rouge region's rich tapestry of natural, agricultural and cultural assets provide... More »

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  • Memoirs of Beautiful Tofino

    It was 1989 and we were on our way to Tofino, on Vancouver Island. My son was 2 years old, filled with rambunctious energy and eager to explore and learn. We stayed in a motel in town that overlooked the water, listening to the sounds of the healthy, active, noisy lives of ocean life that made Tofino their home. More »

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  • How to haze a coyote

    Typically shy and not a threat to humans, coyotes may become more aggressive as they get comfortable around people. Do you know how haze 'em—for their safety and yours? More »

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