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  • Issues: Oceans

    Oceans are critical to all life on earth, providing food, oxygen, recreation and economic opportunities. They also face many threats. Find out more about how we can — and are — protecting Canada's coastal and marine environments. More »

    Issues » Oceans

  • Footprints in the sand

    Be sure to tune into part-two of CBC's series One Ocean. Tonight's episode, Footprints in the Sand, looks at the heavy footprint we are leaving on this planet and the impact that it is having on our oceans. Find out more on how you can make a difference. More »

    Healthy Oceans

  • The ocean is more than a great place to catch fish

    To many people, our oceans are little more than a great blue expanse of water. To some, they are a source of beauty and enjoyment. And for millions of people around the globe, the oceans are sources of food and jobs in fishing or fish-farming industries. But the oceans are also the anchor for life on this planet. When it comes to global warming, the oceans may be our salvation. More »

    Science Matters

  • Reconnecting to our oceans

    Our oceans provide us with so much life and richness that they deserve respect and protection. Learn more about our interconnections with our oceans with this interactive online brochure. More »

    Healthy Oceans

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