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  • Eco-label guide

    Understanding labels and claims found on everyday products will help you make informed decisions to reduce your environmental footprint. Here are some certified eco-labels to look for on your path to becoming a sustainable shopper. More »

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  • Day 5: Farmers need love too

    Eating local can reduce your carbon footprint and connect you to the people behind your food. Ask your food producer about what's in season, cooking tips, and the true costs of growing a tomato. What have you learned from a farmer? More »

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  • Day 4: Restaurants go green

    Eating out tonight? Restaurants can help protect the planet by creating local, organic menus, sourcing sustainable ingredients, composting waste and conserving energy. What do you look for in a sustainable restaurant? More »

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  • The Maple Leaf in the OECD

    The study rates the record of 25 developed countries belonging to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development using 28 environmental indicators. The most recent environmental data from the OECD, in which Canada is a member, was used to formulate the results. Canada currently ranks 24th but the study proves... More »

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