Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie, now on DVD, offers a glimpse into the events that shaped Suzuki's life and career. The DVD contains a special short film called It Takes a Family, which will take you behind the scenes at the David Suzuki Foundation.

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Find out more about the film and the accompanying book, The Legacy: An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future.



David Suzuki has published many books — including the most widely used genetics textbook in the US. In addition to scholarly and popular works on genetics, he has written extensively about ecology, technology, the future, and his own life. To all of his writing, David brings his gift for exploring and sharing complex ideas with clarity and passion.

Children have also been amazed and delighted by David's many books and tapes about science and nature written especially for young people.

For a detailed list of David's books and tapes, including information about publications in other languages, please refer to his list of books and sound recordings.

TV & Radio

David Suzuki's career in television began in 1962 when he appeared in eight programs in the University of Alberta series, Your University Speaks. His first nationally broadcast series was Suzuki on Science for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1968.

Since then he has been continuously engaged in the creation of ground-breaking television, radio and films that make science meaningful for ordinary people, and shed a bright light on our connection to the natural world.

David has earned many international awards and the highest honours in Canadian broadcasting, both for his performance as a communicator and for the excellence of the programs he has presented. It can safely be said that he is Canada's most prominent and popular spokesperson for science and the environment.

(For details, refer to David Suzuki's extended bio)

The Nature of Things

After hosting the popular program, Science Magazine, beginning in 1974, David Suzuki became host of The Nature of Things, one of the CBC's longest-running series. David translates the mysteries and complexities of science and nature into compelling stories that have been seen by viewers of all ages in over 80 countries.

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Other CBC Programs

For current, detailed information about David Suzuki's other television and radio programs, such as_ From Naked Ape to Superspecies_ and It's a Matter of Survival, and for information about how to order tapes and transcripts, contact the CBC by e-mail: or visit the CBC website

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