Three-thousand people have voted and the results are in - Heather Kemp and her family from Balgonie, Sask. are the winners of the third annual David Suzuki Digs My Garden contest. See the winners and their stories, and a collection of our favourite inspiring stories.

We saw more than 500 entries come in from every part of the country, then let you choose your favorites. They range from Melanie Kramer’s luscious balcony greenery in downtown Toronto, and Whitehorse’s Robin Round and her ‘North of 60’ garden, to Fort Calgary’s community garden that feeds some of Calgary’s most in-need.

“Everyone who participated in the contest - including the entrants and those who voted online - has shown that toxic pesticides simply aren’t necessary for a gorgeous green yard,” says David Suzuki. “Let’s hope that our governments get the message and ban the use and sale of lawn and garden pesticides.”

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Featured Gardeners


Edmonton, AB

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Ancaster, ON

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Sherry & Terry

Richmond, BC

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"A volunteer is a plant that grows on its own, rather than being deliberately planted by a human farmer or gardener. Volunteers often grow from seeds that float in on the wind, are dropped by birds, or survive from the materials put into the compost." (from Wikipedia)

We simply could not limit our "garden" to three plants. So, check these "volunteers" out...