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Calgary is Trying to Go Pesticide Free! Support the Cause!

Posted by Neshali on September 24, 2009

    Hi Everyone, Calgary is currently working to pass a bylaw that will phase out cosmetic use of pesticides!  Help support the cause! If you live in Calgary, please write... Read more »

Emissions Free Turf: Final entry

Posted by Calvin on August 7, 2009 | 6 comments

It's the middle of summer, and the turf has endured countless footprints already.  Some from our neighbours that visit to help dad pick (and eat) the black raspberries!... Read more »

Farewell to Summer

Posted by Sherry & Terry on October 21, 2009

"God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done."  ~Author UnknownSummer now seems far behind us as we navigate through Vancouver's famous rain. Mid-September weather changed quickly... Read more »

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Gardening Starts Before Summer - Spring Even.....

Posted by Gary on November 6, 2009

There are many ways to start a garden. One can wait until it is time to plant in the garden or start earlier by sowing the seeds in winter,... Read more »

The Greatest Canadians

Posted by Sherry & Terry on September 20, 2009

 In 2004, Canada's national TV broadcaster, the CBC, staged a contest allowing Canadians to vote for "The Greatest Canadian." Canadian TV and radio personality, George Stroumboulopoulos nominated Tommy Douglas.... Read more »

Tri-City News Article

Posted by Jay on September 4, 2009 | 1 comment

Coquitlam's Associated Labels goes green with employee garden  Shaun Ashworth of Associated Labels shows off some of the produce grown by employees in his company's pesticide-free garden. COLLEN FLANAGAN  ... Read more »

"Starting over" photo contest winner! =)

Posted by Jay on September 4, 2009

  On behalf of Associated Labels we would like the thank all of you for your support in voting for our vision. It means a great deal to our family at... Read more »

Digging for GOLD NUGGETS!!!

Posted by Jay on September 4, 2009

  Their is Gold in them hills!!! Well maybe not gold but Potatoes! =) What a great harvest, we had four plants and the pay off was huge! At least... Read more »

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