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Meet DSF Green Thumb, Calvin!

Calvin and dad Devin

At 5 years old, Calvin is our family's main spokesperson.

After reading a book about the rainforest, which mentioned the current habitat destruction, Calvin asked his parents to verify what he thought "extinction" meant. Bedtime turned into a very profound and emotional discussion for all....and in the end, Calvin asked what he could do to help.

His mom Sunila suggested he could help out locally and still help the world's ecosystem (this strategy has the added benefit of avoiding the long bike ride to the rainforest). Sunila is an environmental engineer, with experience in groundwater/building site testing and remediation. Calvin was told that options are already available to help people reduce their impact on the world...we just need to share these ideas and convince people that trying something new (to them) is acceptable.

Calvin's main helper is his younger brother Sean. At 3 years old, Sean is in charge of turf testing. This is usually accomplished with a yellow plastic dump truck, a super soaker, and an endless supply of laughter...unless he's negotiating. Sean is a very effective negotiator...this 3 year old prefers to have things his way (don't they all ;-)

Finally, their dad Devin is in charge of all those little details necessary for pesticide free gardening. Such as top dressing the VERY thin topsoil layer to support the zero emissions turf....or planning and maintaining the vegetable and fruit gardens. The initial goal in all the landscaping on the property was to demonstrate that pesticide free was not only possible, but also practical. Devin's in charge of achieving and showcasing the results. Simple!

With the banning of cosmetic pesticides in their area, this family is delighted to share their humble progress at this critical time. By displaying pesticide free turf grass (that features the strategic use of white clover) right on the front lawn, the neighbourhood knows that other options are not only available, but also durable and extremely low maintenance.

Since the "David Suzuki Digs My Garden" project has kicked off in 2009, 3 neighbours have scheduled overseeding projects with "Calvin and Crew" so far this year. Hopefully more will join us!

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Comments (2)

You are our Hero, Calvin! Thanks to you and your family, the boys and I have bought a manual push mower that uses only 'cousin power' and have seeded the lawn with white clover! A new rain barrel collects water for the vegetable garden and flower pots. Even using the 50' clothes line for laundry has reduced our impact on the environment... keep up the good work!

Dar & the Boys | May 25, 2009 at 6:02 AM

Way to go Calvin. Congrats on being a finalist. We're all very proud of you and know you're going to make this old earth a better place to live. Nanny & Grampy

Ed & Mel | May 21, 2009 at 8:07 PM
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