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Still being buried by berries!!



Dad has been picking black raspberries for 2 hours every night when he gets home.  There are usually over 1000 berries every day now from the canes, and we're just past half way through the fruiting season.  We're hoping to have more time to film other parts of our garden this weekend!

So far, we've given away 10 margarine containers of fruit to our neighbours, with a big "berry party" happening this weekend too. 

This plant is super easy to grow and care for.  Even a single cane, planted alongside a fence like ours, would multiply into 5-8 canes in a few years.  That would give two bowls of fruit the same size as Calvin's at the end of the video.  Thank you native species and organic gardening!

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Hey Calvin,
Send some of those over! I'll trade you for some blueberries! :-P

Sherry | July 26, 2009 at 7:17 PM
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