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A gate too narrow, and other challenges

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Ever wonder what 4 yards of fish compost looked like?

This year I finally "bucked-up" and ordered a (partial) dump truck load of fish compost. Yes, it was expensive, and yes, it was worth it.  I did some research and found a local company that had OMRI certified fish compost, and they delivered.

Challenge #1:  my back gate is about 3 inches too narrow for the dump truck to back in.  Thus, too small tarp + gravel driveway = difficulty shovelling.  I know I'll be picking gravel bits out from my garden beds for years to come.

Challenge #2: back injuries do not go well with shovelling anything.  In September I was hit by a truck while riding my bike home from the local Farmer's Market.  My jam survived, but my back is still recovering, thankfully I was wearing a helmet.  As a result, this Spring I have had to "take it easy".  Which means using a wheelbarrow more than ever and only shovelling for short stints in between stretching and massage and physio appointments.  It's taken a LONG time to move this pile of compost.

Challenge #3: I work full time, which really gets in the way of my gardening!

The compost does a number of good things in the garden:

  • smothers the weeds
  • fertilizes the plants organically
  • absorbs heat
  • holds water
  • makes going to the gym unnecessary
  • looks good (if I do say so myself)

I don't think I'll get this much compost every year, it was a big job but my plants are already loving it.  My irises and columbines are over 4 feet tall now.  Next year I will go back to my friend who has horses, they make it fresh every day!

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