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Green is the new black, dahling...

Chantel, self proclaimed gardening nerd, tomato propagator extrordinaire, compost queen and friend to worms. I'm the Irish Faerie of the garden, spreading organic compost on my urban plot with the wave of my shovel and the rumble of my wheelbarrow. Pottager is my style in the tangled garden. Food not lawn is my mantra as I tear up my front lawn in favor of blueberries, pears, pumpkins, corn, squash and beans. I water by rainbarrels when I can, I fertilize with the "good stuff", my dad's word for manure, and I only use people-powered machines - a shovel, a reel lawn mower, a rake, and loppers. I'm learning to embrace, with love, the buttercup invasion, slugs and the pooping neigborhood cats. I don't have a conventional garden, it lacks total organization and structure, but it's all organic, all fun, slightly ridiculous, and all mine! Come on over, I'd love to show you around!

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