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Help Save a Garden

Help save this 30 year old garden from a bureaucratic crush


Food, Inc. You'll never look at dinner the same way again!

Stories: How Gardening is Changing the World

Growing food to give it away--help the hungry in your community
One B.C. school's community greenhouse in action
Michelle Obama's garden at the White House
Growing food at Vancouver City Hall
Urban farmer transforms yards into productive farmland
Volunteers grow food on urban roofs for family resource centre
Michael Pollan will change the way you see the world--watch this video
The Little Town that Could.....get a pesticide ban

Gardening 101

For Kids
For Beginners
For Guérilla Gardeners
Five minute documentary on guerilla gardening
How to start a garden, go on a walking tour, learn about community gardens, and more.....


Composting Do's and Don'ts (PDF)
Instructions for Composting
Composting Council of Canada

Community Gardens

How to start a community garden
Community Gardens in Vancouver

Farmer's Markets — Support local foods

Find Local Food Map
(Recommended!) Map of Farmer's Markets and Local Producers in Canada
City Farm Boy--Turn Your Urban Yard Into a Farm

On Campus

Student volunteers promote local and organic food....among other things
Students Plant Gardens on Campus

Other Great Sites

Communities in Bloom --get your hometown involved
Part of the War Effort: Victory Gardens
Donate Now

Tips Feature

Q: My friend wants to get rid of the dandelions on her front lawn. I tried to get her to love the dandelions and make wine, but she is having nothing to do with that.

A: Good try on the wine idea!! Here's our method: We crowd... Read more »