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DSFers get their hands dirty in patio garden

Sutton and Lana in the DSF garden

As us folks at DSF were keenly awaiting spring a few months ago, a group of us sat down to start planning our patio garden's rejuvenation. Over the winter we acquired more space, giving us plenty of room to work with and to even include a bunch of patio furniture.

We had to clean up winter's leftovers and prepare the planters for new bulbs. Our late spring gave us glorious tulips, daffodils, and irises. The best was yet to come, however.

Elois and Kim considering optionsElois and Kim considering their options

Getting started, May 15All fresh and tidy, ready for new plants

Before planting, May 15

Gardeners at work, May 15(From left) Kim, myself, Elois and (cameraman) Andre spent a relaxed Friday morning planting all sorts of goodies. I loved the feeling of bare hands in warm soil. Watch out for ants!

As if to make up for the late spring, we were handed a heat wave that seemed to have made everything explode! We've been enjoying fresh lettuce, three types of mint, basil, chives, parsley and garlic scapes while we eagerly watch our tomatoes and cucumbers grow.

Tomatoes, June 9Yay tomatoes!

Tomatoes, June 9

Squash, June 9Spiky little cucumber

Squash, June 9The squash plant is now taking over the patio!

Basil, June 9Kim plucking basil

Flowers, June 9One of many brightly coloured flowering plants we included. The bees have been enjoying the fruits of our labours.

Roses, June 9

Lettuce, June 9Tasty lettuce utterly taking over the planter. We just can't eat it fast enough!

The team has done a fantastic job creating a beautiful garden for staff, volunteers and visitors to enjoy. We'll be following up weekly here with photos of our progress — or rather, that of our vegetables. I leave you with shots from Thursday's "Pie Day" on our sunny patio! Happy gardening! — Erika

Enjoying fabulous pie, June 18

Kristen and Siri, June 18

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This only LOOKS like a hippy-fest! In reality, we are getting more done than ever...try holding your next meeting on a rickety collapsible chair outside on a windy Vancouver day and see how quickly the Chatty Cathys wind it up after their briefing notes have blown over the balcony railing! Seriously, meetings end up being shorter and everyone stays awake. Think outside the box by actually leaving the box and going outside. You'll be a champion!

Siobhan | June 24, 2009 at 11:28 AM