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Enjoying our outdoor work space with a garden BBQ!

Besides enhancing the natural beauty of our work environment, one of the primary goals for creating the garden was to create a functional space. We wanted an alternative meeting space to our admittedly stuffy indoor boardrooms that would be practical and well-used by staff. So in an attempt to lure more of our co-workers out onto the balcony to show off the fruits of our labour, the DSF Garden Committee hosted a BBQ this week.

Calvin serving up some awesome veggie dogs!Calvin serving up some awesome veggie dogs!

Paul and Katie with an uncharacteristically shy Siobhan...Paul and Katie with an uncharacteristically shy Siobhan...

Staff are starting to use our little urban oasis more and more for informal meetings, tea times, and lunch breaks. Whether it is volunteering for watering duty or donating an old BBQ, it has been amazing to watch our staff really come together to create this fabulous space.

Our next big garden project — besides trying to eat all the lettuce — is to build a picnic table and finish refinishing the patio table and chairs...

— Ashley
Next on the to-do list - chairs!Next on the to-do list — chairs!
Staff enjoying lunch together together