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Me and My Urban Garden


I am a 27 year old guy who lives in an apartment in the heart of Vancouver, BC. For some time now I have been disappointed in the price vs. quality of the fresh food found in the average grocery store in the city.  Combine this with a passion for cooking, and an appreciation of fresh produce, and my situation is ripe for dilemma.

Enter Urban Homesteading.

Over the last few months I have been hearing a lot about the effectiveness and reward of gardening in the city, or "urban homesteading." No matter where you find yourself, there are ways to grow your own food. "But how do I begin," you ask?  "Where do I plant," you cry? I also bemoaned my living situation - but slowly, a plan came to me.

So I started a blog:

And then I heard about this contest. So I made a video:

Sadly my bid for a gnome was unsuccessful. But the goal was always to engage people about sustainable agriculture, as well as the joys of gardening - wherever you live!

Rather than rehash everything here, I suggest you read up at The Grow Op. As for updates, I will be sure to be by with a synopsis update from time to time. And there has been some discussion of another videoblog updating my progress. So stay tuned!!

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