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Beet, Swiss Chard Leaves - Not sunscorched

Beet leaves not sunscorched1.JPG I   saw the leaves of my beets and Swiss Chard turn brown in spots and I thought that they were sun scorched.  They were not. It was the Spinach Leaf Miner that did the damage.  Beet leaves not sunscorched.JPG
So to keep them under control and not allow them to multiply I removed any leaves displaying the brown damage and put them in a bucket of water. "How long can you Leaf Miners hold your breath?" I was wondering.
This led me to other 'stuff'. MANURE! Except the cows didn't get to eat this 'leafy' before it became my fertilizer.
Every time I found a leaf on my beets or Swiss Chard that displayed the brownness I would break the whole leaf off and stick it in the bucket of water. After a time it began to smell...just like fresh manure. I found this out because I would bury the new leaves under the old to make sure they wouldn't come back to haunt me or my vegetables. Reason? I still was not sure "how long they could hold their breath". The smell on my hand gave me the clue about how to create my own manure to use in the garden.
 Bingo! I could make my own manure by putting green leaves in a bucket of water.
I use it like a tea by taking a cup of the 'tea', green leaf tea, add it to a watering can and then I water the vegetables.
I have had great results although if I had a cow, I would feed it to her. It is nice to have someone else do the work - especially someone more experienced! :)