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Gardening Starts Before Summer - Spring Even.....

John.JPG There are many ways to start a garden. One can wait until it is time to plant in the garden or start earlier by sowing the seeds in Winter in the house with proper heat and lights above.
I start my seedlings in the house under lights with appropriate heating. I learned from John how to do this.
Who is John?
My John is the perennial John.
You know already the John of whom I speak....'John is out standing in his field'! It is that John who helped me.
John does not use anything that might jeopardize the Organic Certification that he has on his farm. And sometimes it seems extreme to me the efforts he takes to preserve that Organic Farming Certification.
It is not just that Certificate he is preserving. He is preserving the soil and all the things therein. That is what he does and he does it on purpose.
The flea beetle was creating havoc on his crops. The crops affected? Kale and others that I can't remember right now. Many growers would just spray a pesticide on that field. Problem solved? Nope.
Reason: Because the flea beetle would come back and all the predators that eat the Flea Beetle and all the other predator insects in that sprayed area would be dead.
Instead, John, used a flaming torch to kill that attacking insect. He would walk the beds (100 feet plus long) and use this flame torch to eradicate the insect that was eating his produce. He was not happy having to doing it but he would not do it any other way. Profitability was not on his mind.
What was on his mind was this: "I will not use pesticides, period!".
That is my John, my mentor and friend.

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This is a photo of my friend and mentor. John became a major player in a co-operative certified organic farm in Abbotsford, BC. He was a backyard gardener and although I don't know the full story he came to the farm to become "THE FARMER". He had lots of help from others and helped them also. He has since retired but continues to live on the farm and offers help to anyone who needs or wants it. If you would like a tour of a Certified Organic farm their number is 604-857-0017. Chris and Jeremy are the current farmers there. Tell them Gary sent you.:)

Gary | November 4, 2009 at 2:13 AM