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Nature Takes Care of Itself - with a little help from friends

I noticed a tent caterpillar nest on my neighbour's fruit tree. It was immense with the caterpillars safe inside. The leaves of the tree surrounded by the tent had been devastated. I also noticed a wasp in the area. It was obvious that the wasp was not there just to do some sightseeing. It had dinner in mind.
There was more than one there and they were skirting the tent. I decided to help them out and did so by poking several holes in the tent.
The caterpillars, obviously disturbed, were scurrying. The wasps also recognized the energy in the tent and they took advantage of the situation.
I watched the process for a time and noticed that the wasps would come from different directions and then leave in different directions. These wasps were not all from the same colony is what I thought. Wow, different colonies sharing dinner. Team work!

It was only days before where I had seen a different scenario. I was picking up the mail at the local post office and as I was getting in my car I heard a scream. A young boy was running on the grass beside the post office. It was apparent that he was in pain. He had been stung by wasps and he was very upset as anyone would be.
His mother found some ice and it was applied to the most obvious sting area. This is what happened and why:
The young lad was looking at some flowers and close by was a wasp nest, not visible because it was in the ground. The boy did not know that the nest was there and the wasps didn't know he didn't know. The wasps defended their nest.
Who was at fault the wasps or the boy? Neither!
This is an unfortunate occurrence. When I left, the young lad seemed fine as he was giving directions to his mother about 'stuff' that was no business of mine.