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Cucurbits take over the back yard!

Well, ok, just part of the back yard!

We've had a heat wave here in southwestern BC for the last couple of weeks, and some of the cooler climate crops like lettuce and chard are decidedly unhappy about the state of things,but all of the warm weather crops like the squash and cucumbers are just loving it!

A little while back, I made 3 self-watering containers and filled them all with squash and cucumbers (and one melon!).  I am loving these containers!  They may not be the most chic looking on the block, but they are highly functional.  The raised containers mean the squash roots get nice and warm during the day, and the fact that there is about 8 gallons of water in the bottom means they only need to be filled about once a week.  During this heat wave, the plants are needing more water, but even so, a filling every 3 days seems to do the trick!
These are the plants in the containers 2 weeks ago...
and this is them today!
On the right are a zucchini with small round fruit and a winter squash, in the middle are two cucumber plants, and on the left are a picking cucumber and a melon plant.  so far, all have set fruit and are growing quite exuberantly!  I planted them against this bit of fencing thinking they could grow up it, and the cucumbers are training themselves upward.  The squash, however, has other things in mind, and took a sideways turn of its own, and the melon decided it wanted things both ways!

I'm really liking the way these turned out, and think I'm going to have to make more of these for next year in the patio! they require little maintenance, a bit of organic fertilizer watered onto them about once a week, and some mulch on top of the soil to keep the moisture in.  Couldn't be easier!