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Daphne spurge and Ivy and Blackberries, Oh My!

We have one part of our yard that has been neglected in the past year, as more attention was being spent on the edible-producing areas of the garden.  Here's the "before" shot (partly cleared already).
This part of the yard was overgrown with daphne spurge and english ivy, both of which are considered noxious plants in this neck of the woods.  They have started to expand their territory, so it was time for them to go!  There really is no solution other than hard digging -- hard enough to break a shovel while I was at it!  To make things more challenging interesting, there was also himalayan blackberry and lots of stray holly sprinkled liberally throughout:  a recipe for a sweaty afternoon!

Here's the after:
This is one afternoon's work -- two truckloads down to the municipal composting facitilty and one broken shovel later!  All of it gone except for one camellia which survived in all that tangle, and a few sorry solomon's seal.  Now to figure out what to put in there!