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Look what I found growing in the garden!

We have been away camping for a week in the lush growth of Cortes Island, and had prepped the garden by setting up the drip irrigation system on a timer, to ensure we would come back to happy, healthy veggies.  I had also taken some time to take out pea vines that were spent, so that I could start seeding fall crops in their place.

Before we left, the weather had cooled down somewhat, so the hot loving crops hadn't really taken off yet.  While we were gone, however, things heated up considerably and when we came back, the greenhouse looked like a jungle!
  tiny melon.jpg
One of the surprises that awaited us was this!  a tiny Montreal Market Melon.  There are a couple more tiny melons on this plant.  I'm not going to be very patient while waiting for it to ripen!  After reading the history of this heirloom melon, I am really curious to see what it tastes like!!! So far, there has been no fertilizer on this other than the blend of compost/potting mix/SeaSoil that this was planted in, and a weekly watering with organic seaweed fertilizer.  The door to the greenhouse stays open all summer, so that the bees can fly in and out, and help fertlilize the blossoms.

The other thing I have been anxiously a  waiting is the first ripe tomato.  I signed on to a challenge by food writer Michael Ruhlman to create a BLT from scratch, and have the bacon cured, the lettuce ready in the garden, and am just waiting for the first tomato to ripen before I make the bread and mayo!!  I have several heirloom varieties of tomato planted, and so far, its a race between the Japanese Black Trifele, and the Green Zebra.
Thumbnail image for green zebra.jpg

One of the steps I took this year with all my tomatoes was to put an eggshell in each pot that had a tomato plant.  We also hooked up the drip irrigation early, and have all the tomatoes undercover.  As a result, all are looking happy, blossom-end rot free, and late blight free.