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Meet my other garden pest!

This is Eric.  He is a Shiba Inu, and he is my other garden pest.
In the wilds of suburbia here, we have invasions of rabbits and marauding deer, in addition the routine pests such as cabbage moths, cutworms, pill bugs etc, BUT in our garden, we also have the ravages of Eric to deal with!

One of the methods I use to improve the soil here, non-chemically, is to dig in, and topdress with SeaSoil.  This stuff is amazing!  Highly composted fish and forest fines, that you can add directly to the soil without fear of burning.  It has no discernable smell ... to the human nose.  Eric, however, can definitely smell something, and knows right away when a fresh dressing of SeaSoil has been put down.

Here is the sad result!  This bed had beans and radishes well underway, and two squash plants that had been transplanted and dressed with SeaSoil.  Within 1 hour, he had hopped right in and had a merry time digging around.  Notice hes looking slightly guild-ridden!
The good news is that all that soil amendment makes for strong plants.  While the radishes didn't make it, the squash and most of the beans survived!  Meanwhile, any new plantings are being covered or fenced off!  Besides, who would want to use pesticides on such a cute pest!

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Cute capture....I have 3 garden pests too...1 dog and 2 cats ; )

Janice | August 6, 2009 at 3:41 PM