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Sleeper hit of the late spring garden

.... "Russian Sugar" pea!
One of the things I like about gardening is that every year is different, even if you plant the same things!  I decided early on to try a new variety of pea this year called "Russian Sugar"  This is a heritage variety grown by the Mennonites in Saskatchewan, and is eaten pod and all, like a snow pea.  They also have really pretty bi-coloured flowers, which is a bonus (I love plants that do double duty!)
Well, weather being what is has this year (first too cold and wet, then too hot!), seems to have really confused some of the veg, BUT the peas have just had an explosive growth spurt, and the Russian Sugar have surpassed everything,  I tucked in plants all over the garden, and to be honest, had forgotten some of them until they started flowering!
You can see the comparison here, on the backside of the greenhouse -- Russian Sugar on the right, and regular snow peas on the left.  Planted at the same time, in the same soil mix, approx the same maturation dates, yet I have been harvesting from the Russian Sugar for about a week now, with lots still to come.
Think this one's a keeper!