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Well aren't you happier when you are warm at night?

At the beginning of the growing season this year, I was perusing seed catalogs and came across the fabulous offerings from Heritage Harvest Seed in Manitoba, and made a bold decision.  I was going to attempt to grow Montreal Market Melons.
If you are familiar, these are a heritage variety that around the turn of the century, used to arrive in New York, Chicago and Boston, with great fanfare.  They were noted as being extremely delicious, and people shelled out princely sums for a mere slice!  The area they grew in in Montreal has since been developed, and the seed was thought to be lost until recently.
Now we here on the West Coast do not have weather that is normally considered conducive to melons.  We get cool breezes off the water, that dip our nighttime temperatures a little too low for supreme melon happiness.  Nonetheless, I was smitten, I was going to grow the Montreal Market melon!
Despite a rocky start to the season, I ended up with 3 starts, one of which I put in the greenhouse, one in one of the self-watering containers I made.  I gave away the last one to a
montreal market melon.JPG
As you can see, the melon is liking the greenhouse.  I put it in a dark pot, to enusre the roots got nice and warm.  Its starting to flower, although only male flowers at this point.
For comparison, here is the melon in the self-watering container (2nd plant in the 1st container).  Healthy looking, but decidedly smaller!
 Finally, here's a couple of pics of the reason we do it all!  This is today's harvest of broad beans (2 squares in my Square Food Garden).
These are bound for the freezer, and the stalks make excellent compost.   I also picked some more Russian Sugar peas, salad greens, and garlic scapes, which will go into tonight's dinner.
See you next time!  In the meantime, stay warm at night!