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Beaver Fever!


It all started on a regular rainy morning in October, It had been a bit windy the night before, and when people started to arrive at work they noticed there was a tree that had fallen over. With closer examination the tree had not fallen over at all! but had been chewed to death by a beaver! We cleaned up the tree in the parking lot and then, two days later it happened...

Another tree had been knocked down! And then another!

We then noticed there was a pattern evolving and that our little pall had built a dam in the canal next to our building. Te water level was also starting to rise, and a small pond was being formed upstream! 

We didn't want out resident beaver to be hurt or taken away; we just wanted to know what, if anything needs to be done to keep its habitat safe. I called the different departments of the city, and finally talked to someone in parks. They told me there is nothing you can do since the animal is protected, unless they are damaging the surrounding property with its dam. We decided it was way too cool to have a resident beaver hanging out at our company to complain. DSCN5191.JPG 

To save our much needed shade from the summer hours we decided that we would put up chicken wire around the trees by the parking lot. This worked very well, and the beaver kept his tree falling to the other side of the canal. As employees watched the dam get larger, people started to notice there was a lot of garbage hanging around the beaver's habitat where the water had previously been. Late in the winter we decided to have a companywide clean up of the canal and surrounding area. Volunteers came out to help pick up some pretty random garbage, in total I think we picked up close to a ¼ ton of garbage.


(You can see how much the dam rose in the background)




I once again called the city of Coquitlam, and requested a pickup of the garbage we had collected; they agreed and a week later a truck came to pick up the junk.


It was such a great feeling to get out there and physically make a difference, even if it's just a small area; and people love to get involved, you just have to ask them!...

Well into the spring there was ongoing talk about the beaver, there were very few sightings since they are mostly nocturnal creatures. Eventually a few evening shift workers had spotted the beaver, and also saw that there were multiple beavers... babies! Haha So we now have a family of beavers living next tour our building.

A couple weeks ago I spotted one of the beavers and took a video, this was the first time I have seen one my entire life! Check out the video below, I know the beaver has nothing to do with gardening, however I thought it was a pretty cool thing to write about.

Hope you enjoyed it, =)

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Comments (4)

Hey Calvin,

I was so happy that the beaver stayed where it was while I ran to get the camera! Pretty fortunate that there was one lying around the office.

Yah they are pretty destructive creatures, but humans are no different I think. But your right they do bring in a lot of other animals because of the creak, and make way for new tree's to grow.

Thanks for your comment =)

Jay replied to Devin | June 22, 2009 at 10:32 AM

That's pretty cool bro!!! I shot a video of Calvin *attempting* to sneak up on the resident rabbit yesterday...but your new mascot takes the cake!

The beavers in our neck of the woods really like poplar trees for food & dam building. Once they've cleared out an area (and they run out of raw material), then end up abandoning the dam and moving on....which is a shame, because their ponds are great places for wildlife.

I've seen folks plant poplar saplings and protect them while they grow big enough to be useful (such as your chicken wire trick), in an attempt to sustain the habitat for the beavers and prolong their visit. Good thing poplar grows fast!

Great stuff, and congrats on the video capture...thanks for sharing!

Devin | June 17, 2009 at 6:09 AM

Hey Panos,
It's our companies new pet!
Very low maintenance! hahaha
Most people jump to conclusions on the negatives,
in reality there is always a positive =)
Thanks for your comment

Jay | June 16, 2009 at 9:29 PM

Hi Jay,
Love this story! I like how you look at the beavers as a a treat, rather than as a pest to destroy!

Panos | June 16, 2009 at 2:47 PM
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