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Digging for GOLD NUGGETS!!!


Their is Gold in them hills!!!

Well maybe not gold but Potatoes! =)

What a great harvest, we had four plants and the pay off was huge! At least what I think is huge... We must have gotten 10-15lbs of potatoes, and to me that is a lot.


And to top it off there were tons of hot peppers!

I tried one not knowing which type it was, and it was mouth burning! It was one of the plants that had 30,000cc of spice. I had that feeling of desperation, and hoped someone around the plant had a glass of cold milk waiting for me somewhere!


I wasn't 100% sure if I harvested the potatoes too early but the plant itself was looking kind of dreary. So I decided to start digging, and it is exciting to pull those guys out of the ground, its truly like a treasure hunt! So once again we put the harvest out for employees to take home, and everything was gone withing a few hours. People were pleasently suprised at the little garden that could!

Can't wait to cook up some of those tatters tonight! Giving P.E.I. a run for their money!




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