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New Hosta Patch.jpg Broccoli & Tomatoes.jpg Trying to grow grass.jpg Strawberry Patch After.jpg Levelling the Yard.jpg Strawberry Patch Before.jpg Well, I have to say that gardening is alot of work!  With 4 kids, full-time jobs, and a 100 year-old house needing constant renovation, we don't have loads of time to be out in the yard, and Saint John weather isn't always conducive to landscaping, but we're working away.

Still haven't got any grass out front, but I did plant some hostas in a corner by one of the front doors.  I wasn't sure they'd like the move from Mom's garden to a new location, but they're doing great!

We spent a few hours out in back yesterday and planted a bunch of strawberries, weeded and levelled the area around the shurbs that I planted over the last year or two, and Darrell dug up a wonderful random hawthorn from under the crabapple tree and we planted it at the back of the yard.


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looking good Lisa.....takes a while but it will come
back in country next week for Cirque de Soleil....hope to see you folks when I am in town....take care

Bob | June 2, 2009 at 7:57 AM
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