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Chapter 1 - Fashionably Late

IMG_3842.jpg Just like at work, where I tell people I'll be there in ten but they know that'll turn into a few hours, I'm posting my first blog entry incredibly late.

Look at all you volunteers, hard at work and diligently posting away.  I bow to thee.  I hereby swear to post more often.  (Winner for Vaguest Statement of 2009.  I'd like to thank my parents...)

Late, yes.  But my delay has no relationship with the excitement of growing my own organic plants.  I actually missed them (sniff) while I was in Cuba a couple weeks ago.  Thank goodness for roommates who can handle a watering can like it's going out of style (holla!).  I am very thankful nothing dried up and died.

I will admit my little greenies are in dire need of planter boxes or some other large containers to migrate to.  They're really outgrowing their tiny pots, and I'm afraid roots may suffocate if I don't do something soon.  I've been in touch with some decking, flooring, and other woodly-type companies who may have some untreated scrap wood.  And heck, if I can recycle, reduce the amount of new supplies I need AND save money, I'm one happy gal.  And I've even got a candidate for building the boxes (I'm not afraid of tools; I just don't own anything larger than a drill).  Stay tuned...

I'm interested to see if anyone is actually eating any of their own produce yet.  My roommate's lettuce is doing phenomenal now that we've moved it from a windy area on the deck.  The Ontario strawberries I've been getting at the grocery stores lately are fantastic!  If only my Patio Temptation variety had sprouted.  I'll try again next year...or maybe I'm not too late to try again this year? ;)

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Yup, we've been eating herbs and edible flowers(info about edible flowers in blogg to come)

Melanie | July 8, 2009 at 7:25 PM

We've been eating stuff out of the garden for a good couple of months now. Lots of greens of course, but also been eating beets, carrot thinnings, broccoli, chinese veg. broad beans, garlic thinnings and lots of herbs. I just pulled out the broccoli after about a month of harvesting the main stems and sideshoots, getting ready to plant for fall + overwintering

Janice | July 1, 2009 at 12:58 PM