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An arbour made of dogwood, a "living fort" made of willow?!

 dogwood arbour.jpg  

I made this arbour out of a renewable resorce... Dogwood! What is so great about Dogwood is that it's fast growing, soft wood replenishes itself so quickly I can prune for projects such as this without guilt. Other years I have left in bare for I love just the structure and colour, but this year I have scarlet Runner Beans growing to scramble up it. Scarlet runner bean flowers are a favoite of our local huimmingbird population and the beans that come after are delicious even raw!

  For anyone that loves Japanese Maples, but doesn't want to grow a tender import, try this "Tiger Eye" Sumac  shown on the left of the arbour!



Here is a "living fort" made of willow saplings! It is in it's 3rd year and is finally looking as it should. The rabbits ate the back of it this winter (we don't mind...every living thing has to eat)but just as the Dogwood, Willow replenishes quickly. To make this fort, all we did was prune our neigbours Curly Willow, stick the cuttings in the ground and water them. As it grows I weave the new braches in to create the "dome" effect. I will let the entrance grow in a little as well...this kids are finally playing in there!



The rest of the garden is looking lush as well with all the rain we've been having.



Here is yet another native plant I love. This Liatris is not even flowering, but still has a great textural contrast to most other broad or fleshy leafed plants.

 redo leaves.jpg

Lastly, I love it when it rains as rain water helps the garden grow and everything outside looks so beautiful afterwards. These are the mature leaves of the Eastern Redbud that come out after flowering. 

Thanks for reading!





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You are kind...thank you!

Melanie | July 20, 2009 at 8:25 PM

Albsolutely gorgeous. Good job!

Leanne | July 18, 2009 at 10:42 AM
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