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Generational Gardening

 the path with kids.JPG

I cannot even begin to explain how happy it makes me to see our children enjoying our healthy and safe organic garden.

 ava in the garden.JPG

My biological child seems to be the one with a very keen interest in gardening AND helping the environment. I wonder if it's nature or nurture...Just as I did as a child, she spends a LOT of time in the garden!

ava flower.jpg

And no, this pic is not taken at our home, but nearby. I just really love this picture for you can see how truly happy the garden makes her.


   day daylily.jpg

This daylily came from my mothers garden. It seems that almost from birth my mother has been my gardening buddy, just as she was her mothers buddy before. For fun in winter when I was but 5 years old, we'd go through her multiple seed catalogs, plotting what vegetables and flowering plants we would grow. I always loved the gardens there and eventhough I lost myself during those troubled teen years, by age 25 I was totally garden obsessed again! I remember ordering bulbs online at this age and not even being able to sleep I was so obsessed.

 night daylily.jpg

This is just another shot of the same daylily. Don't ask me why it turned out this way! Just a cool shot in my opinion; just a few moments of praise yet again for the daylily.

  • They are drought tolerant
  • edible
  • bees and Hummingbirds love them
  • a native plant, though this one is a hybrid


A quick update on the rest of the garden:

This is a little off topic but as I have mentioned in an ealier blog, I find that when gardening organically the plants are healthy and can withstand such pests as these. Look, you can even see the moths  EYES! 

 runner bean flower.jpg

The Scarlet Runner beans are flowering abundently... beans are already is growing so quickly. Especially after the big rain we just had.

 ladys mantle.jpg

I grow this "Ladys Mantle" specifically for how the rain droplets form on it. It's considered an "old fashion" plant but I still love it. Beauty is all around us!

Comments (2)

Yes, the scarlet runner beans are edible! I find that once they are about 5' long and getting fat they can be harvested, but I find even when they get a lot bigger than this they are still tastey. You know, we always just eat them raw because they taste wonderfu this way; but I'm sure they'd be great lightly stirfried in extra virgin coconut oil, along side some ripe daylily buds, onions and peppers, a little ginger and some soy sauce. Maybe even some pine nuts or sesame in there....
Thanks for you kind words, I did wonder if my post was a little too personal!

Melanie replied to Shannon | July 28, 2009 at 7:17 PM

Melanie, this is a great post. Your photos are lovely, especially the one of the three children with the buckets in the garden. Thank you for sharing!! One question for you: Are the scarlet runner beans edible? When do you know when they are ready to harvest? What do you recommend as a recipe if they ARE edible?

Shannon | July 28, 2009 at 10:22 AM
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