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Perfect Potted Tomatoes and Beautiful Beans


These tomatoes are obviously in need of ripening, but if they are anything like last years crop, they will be really sweet! I think we will have a yeild of about 50 so far...Forgive me, I forget the name of the variety, I always just seek out the seed labled "for growing in pots".In past when I have grown larger varieties of tomatoes in this situation, they get too large and don't produce a lot of fruit (yes, tomato is a fruit).Vegatables suited specifically for pots are shorter and stouter.

 bean arbour.jpg

The beans have taken over the arbour! I am always amazed at the quick growth of Scarlet Runner bean...these were only planted in the existing soil 2 months ago!

 beautifil bean 1.jpg

I ate this bean this morning!

 beautiful bean 2.jpg

Call me crazy, but does anyone else see the beauty of these beans as I do?


 bean flowers.jpg There is just such an abundance of beans and flowers. And since it's been flowering a have seen many more bees and humming birds!

 Karl Forester.jpg   This pic is of a seeding Karl Forrester Feather Reed grass I have been growing in a pot for 4 years! I have many other perennials growing in pots as well such as hostas, sedums, Siberian Iris and Cord grass. Many are surviving in pots for 8 years now! All I do to care for them is pile leaves on them in fall in a protected corner of our yard. I do have to water all these pots, but other than using harvested rain water,  I also use old pet bowl water, leftover cooking water, and any left over water that people sometimes leave in glasses as well. Why not?!

 Thumbnail image for sea holly.jpg Now back to the bees; this Sea Holly is also a favorite of bees, and has a great texural interest as well as colour. This is a dwarf variety...only 12" tall.


Same goes for this Spiderwort, though it growes a little taller.


And this bit of mess is what generally happens when you feed the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and a few others; the sunflower seeds sprout! Luckily they are pulled very easily. We don't mind really, it's all worth it!


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Thanks! I like to let a few get too large for eating, then save the beans (let them dry with the pod around them) to plant the following year. I haven't had to buy bean seeds in 5 years! The seeds look really cool too...shades of pink and red. My daughter has planted some of them recently and I haven't the heart to tell her they won't grow in time. Speaking of which, I think you Calvin should meet my Ava ...years from now you could get married and save the planet!

Melanie replied to Calvin | August 26, 2009 at 7:30 PM

Fantastic update Melanie...your stuff looks amazing!!

We're going to have to switch to the scarlet runner bean next year. We had great luck with standard green beans, but your's have such interesting flowers and height.

Calvin | August 20, 2009 at 5:31 AM
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