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Busy As Beavers

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The garden keeps on giving to the point where we are saturated with green beans, basil plants three and a half feet high and eating fresh corn almost daily. 
It's also been a very good fruit year. Yellow and mini purple plums were ripe and falling to the ground. Part of us just wanted to ignore them but it's not easy to when we cross paths with them heading to pick fresh veggies. Also that part of us that so appreciates the gifts that Mother Nature provides couldn't stand to see them rotting or squished and I could hear the voices of my deceased parents saying, "Don't be wasteful!" So we have been pitting, blending and pouring many batches of fruit and dehydrating to make fruit leather. We've been like a little factory over the last few weeks!

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I think we have made and put away more than enough basil spread in the freezer. We've had a few BBQ's serving fresh corn-on-the-cob off the barby. Leftover corn we didn't have the heart to throw in the compost so we shaved the kernels and made corn soup. Terry also took the big bowl of several varieties of tomatoes and made spaghetti sauce that he's freezing. Right about now we could use another large freezer and I'm also calling relatives to see if they have any spare canning jars they want to part with! 
The snowpeas are going to seed, cucmbers are slowing down but the tomatoes are in full glory. Peppers are slowly turning from green to red. 
We have animal friends residing in the neighbourhood. We've had raccoons for many, many years but now have skunks as well. Don't know where or when they arrived on the island but they are most annoying in the middle of the night when they get spooked by something and let their odour permeate the still night. Apparently, they like to grub around so we have occasionally noticed some little holes dug here and there in the garden. Once we placed more mulch on those spots the digging seemed to stop. 
A few of our cornstalks got mowed down, we are assuming, by the raccoons. They left some still-attached munched ears of corn. It really put us to the test of feeling both annoyed and generous. We chose to leave the stalks where they fell and just walk around them with an attitude that we can share what we have. So far, no more stalks have come down.
With the arrival of skunks, we have also noticed the number of squirrels has diminished. Squirrels too enjoy fresh corn and will haul their bounty around the yard, making quite a mess. 
It's hard to imagine in a few short months we will be wishing we had beans, basil, corn and cucumbers again. Thank goodness all the freezing and drying will help soothe those losses! Cheers!

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I should have commented earlier, for I really enjoy your blog. It really reminds me of my childhood. We have both found our "gardening buddy" in our's a truly wonderful thing!

Melanie | September 8, 2009 at 8:37 PM