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Manual Lawn Mowing - Burns only Calories

We have used an old-school push mower since we've had a lawn to mow, and don't find it hard at all.  The key to using a manual mower is to make sure it has sharp blades.  Dull blades can create A LOT of extra work.  You also may want to mow your lawn a little more frequently, as really long grass can give you a bit of a work out.  Personally, I find the new gas powered "Hummer" type lawn mowers intimidating and loud, not mention the harmful effect they have on the environment.  My pesticide free, natural garden, prefers the zen of a manual mower and I have to agree 100 percent.

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That's really great!! I totally agree with how great the lack of noise (and less danger) there is compared to a gas powered mower.

How do you keep the blades sharp?

Calvin | June 24, 2009 at 6:32 PM
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