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Welcome to my garden in Kingston, Ontario.

I thought I would post our original video for David Suzuki Digs My Garden.  We tried to wait for a nice sunny day, but with only a day left to send our video, we opted to do our garden tour in the cold and rain. 

As you can see in the video we have inherited some really beautiful perennial gardens but not much in the way of vegetables.  Our plan for this year is to add to beauty of the garden with more edible items.  And if I have my way, a few  Silkie Bantam Chickens and a Nigerian Dwarf Goat could be added to mix.  You never know what may appear in our little urban garden but you can be sure it won't contain any chemicals.  For about my family and our Urban Homesteading adventures please visit 

I will post an undated video of our garden in the near future.  We actually ate our first spinach salad, right from the garden, last night.  So exciting!

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