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"Donating has helped me feel less powerless about what is going on in our world."
— Tony Pieroni

The David Suzuki Foundation could not continue its work without the incredible, unwavering support of its donors. Our monthly donors show particularly admirable commitment and foresight; their regular donations allow us to to react to crucial issues as they arise.

Become a monthly donor

Why others have become monthly donors

Here, our monthly donors tell us why they give and how supporting the Foundation has changed their lives. If you're a monthly donor, please send us your story or thoughts at .

Mary and Scott Wilton"My husband decided to surprise me with this monthly donation as my gift. It means that we are able to directly support the Foundation's goal of environmental conservation, a cause that my husband and I really believe in. We want to continue to support its efforts so that they can benefit future generations of environmentalists." — Mary and Scott Wilton

"I wanted to do something to help. I felt it was important to contribute to positive change. My parents suggested I donate a percentage of my allowance to a charity of choice, and I chose the David Suzuki Foundation." — Alec McLaughlin

"It gives all of us who care for the environment peace of mind that we are donating to such a wonderful ambassador like David." — Kristin Wallace