Donate Aeroplan Miles

A new way to support the David Suzuki Foundation!

You can now help us carry out our innovative work across Canada by donating your Aeroplan Miles to the David Suzuki Foundation through the Aeroplan member donation program.

Your generous donation will be used for necessary air travel, offsetting administrative costs for some of our most important national work so that a greater portion of your dollar goes directly to programs. For example, your Aeroplan Miles could help foster a more sustainable future or build youth leadership capacity.

Help us connect Canadians with nature and safeguard our right to clean water, fresh air and healthy food. Donate your Aeroplan Miles online!

Aeroplan Partnership FAQ

1. Why is the David Suzuki Foundation partnering with Aeroplan?

We do our utmost to work sustainably at DSF, including relying on teleconferencing for meetings and choosing alternate modes of transportation where available. But air travel is necessary for some of our work, such as with First Nations in northern Ontario and British Columbia. All travel done via the Aeroplan member donation program is also tracked and offset with a high quality carbon offsets vendor.

2. How will DSF use my donated miles?

Your generous Aeroplan Miles donation allows DSF staff to travel by air when necessary and to purchase other items available through the program (such as hotel bookings and IT products). Using your donated miles lowers our administrative costs and puts a greater percentage of dollar donations directly to our program work

3. Can I receive a tax receipt for my Aeroplan Miles donation?

By CRA definition, Aeroplan Miles do not have monetary value, so donations of miles are not eligible for a tax receipt.

4. How can I donate my Aeroplan Miles to DSF?

There are two ways to donate your Aeroplan Miles:

  1. Visit the David Suzuki Foundation profile page. Click on "DONATE NOW" and enter your Aeroplan login credentials. All donations made through the Aeroplan website are anonymous.
  2. To automatically donate two per cent of your miles as you accumulate them, log-in to your Aeroplan account at Once you've logged-in, click on "personal information" under the "Your Aeroplan" tab, scroll down to "Your Donations", click "edit",and select David Suzuki Foundation as your charity of choice.

5. Why are you partnering with Air Canada, an airline and major polluter?

Aeroplan's parent company is Aimia and not Air Canada. We can redeem your donated miles with many partners, including Air Canada. The Foundation can also use donated Aeroplan Miles for other essential products and services like hotel costs, car rental and IT products.

6. Why should I donate miles so that Dr. David Suzuki can personally fly around Canada?

The Foundation does not pay for Dr. Suzuki's personal travel. Aeroplan Miles may be used if he travels when working as a volunteer on behalf of the Foundation, in accordance with our travel policy.