Community fundraisers (businesses)

Each year generous businesses across Canada hold community fundraisers for the David Suzuki Foundation. Thank you for considering this! The money you raise goes directly towards our work on the most pressing environmental issues Canadians face. By mobilizing your networks, you're spreading the word about urgent issues right in your community.

Community fundraising process:

  1. Review the Community fundraising guidelines below.
  2. Read the Community fundraising terms and conditions.
  3. Submit your fundraising idea using our online form.
  4. Once the contract is signed by you and DSF, receive your "Proudly Supporting the David Suzuki Foundation" logo.
  5. Hold your fundraiser.
  6. Submit proceeds by mailing a cheque payable to the David Suzuki Foundation to:

    David Suzuki Foundation
    Attention: Community Fundraising
    219-2211 W 4th Ave
    Vancouver, B.C. V6K 4S2

  7. Thank your donors.

Community fundraising guidelines

What we offer:

  • The "Proudly Supporting" logo for use on websites, promotional materials email and social media in English, French and bilingual versions
  • Use of the David Suzuki Foundation name on websites, promotional materials, email and social media, subject to DSF discretion
  • A tax receipt for your donation if your fundraising activity is in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations regarding charitable gifts

What we cannot offer:

As a small team with limited resources, we've developed our community fundraising program to optimize the effectiveness we can have together on our full range of programs and campaigns. We are not able to offer:

  • Promotion of your fundraiser on DSF-related social media sites, though you're welcome to promote your "Proudly Supporting" fundraiser through your own networks or by posting yourself on our Facebook page
  • Speakers, volunteers or banners
  • Use of the "Proudly Supporting" logo or DSF branding on products or product packaging
  • Endorsement of a product
  • Access to David Suzuki
  • Tax receipts for gifts made in kind
  • Flow of third-party revenues and expenses through DSF; we will only process final net proceeds
  • Distribution of products or services

Percentage of proceeds fundraiser

One of the best ways to let your clients know that your business values align with the David Suzuki Foundation is through a percentage of proceeds fundraiser. When submitting your fundraising idea, just indicate that this is how you would like to set up your fundraiser. The process is straightforward, and many companies and businesses have had outstanding results.

Once you've read the Community fundraising guidelines above and feel DSF's community fundraising program is a good match for you, please fill in our online form.